To All Those Who Follow My Blog

To the Followers of my Blog,

Thank you.

When I started this blog almost three months ago my expectations were small. Share pieces of my life with the world as I work towards the ultimate goal of writing my memoir. Share my experiences with being Bipolar, living with anxiety, insomnia and the many wrong things about my life.

I wake up most days excited with the prospect of sharing another piece of my life, and to connect with real people in the mental illness community. I feel so connected to the people who comment and read this blog. I am excited to unveil pieces of my writing because I know how it will be perceived.

I am looking towards my future with this blog and my writing. To many more followers and people to connect with on this blog. I wanted to end this post with this, if you are anyone ever needs someone to talk to about what is going on in your diagnosis, I am always here.

J.E. Skye

The Bipolar Writer


52 Replies to “To All Those Who Follow My Blog”

    1. Thank you. The support I have had with my blog has been unreal and unbelievable. It’s people like yourself that make it all worth it. Again thank you.

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful blogging. It’s great to see someone talking so openly about such a stigmatized subject. Your blog has helped people you don’t know and probably never will meet- that is the beauty of the internet. Thank you for your writing and this outlet for other people with mental illness.

  2. Congrats on earning so many followers! You definitely deserve it. You’re writing is wonderful and you’re very personal and honest about yourself.

      1. Very true, that’s why blogging is so wonderful. You get to write everything out, and connect with people from all over.

  3. Your thousand followers are so well deserved! As I have said before, your writing is amazingly eloquent about a topic that can be really difficult to discuss, and often seen as taboo. This blog is one of the most open, honest and supportive places I’ve seen discussing mental illness online. It’s an awe-inspiring accomplishment!!!

    1. Thank you. You have been one of my greatest supporters over the last few months. It help so much to connect with others like yourself and to share some of the pieces of my life. Thank you and I hope to always have you as a follower and as a friend.

      1. I am ready for that anniversary and what that means. I wonder where I will be with my blog. I’m sure it will be great.

  4. Thanks for being here.

    It is truly amazing to be able to read and connect with others who feel similarly – you’re doing a great job!

    S x

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