A Slight delay – Angel on the Ward

It looks like there will be a delay in releasing the rest of my short story Angel on the Ward. I was editing today and had a computer malfunction and for some reason, my program failed to save when I had to do a hard reset on my computer. I have tried everything to recover the edited work but I lost a full days work.

I apologize that I won’t be able to release the rest this week, but I am hoping the next week. I have a lot of school work that needs my attention and of course, there are the holidays. Its been a rough week for me when it comes to my computer but I keep going.

I will be posting new stuff this week, thank you for all that have been reading my short story. Here is what I have so far if you haven’t read it yet:

Part One

Part Two

J.E. Skye



10 Replies to “A Slight delay – Angel on the Ward”

  1. The frustration must be giving you fits. I know it would with me. It’s trouble like this that makes my anxiety go through the ceiling. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day, James. 🙂

      1. I did that with a rough draft. Luckily, the program I had used to write the story automatically backs up everything written in text file form.

      2. I was doing editing on word. The core of the story is still there in my writing program but I didn’t save the word doc because it was temporary. I lost almost hours of editing.

  2. That’s always so frustrating! I always get so upset when that happens. It’s like wasted time 😭 but no worries, you’ll get to it when you have time! Looking forward to your next part, good luck with everything!!

      1. Only human* lmao. Of course we’re human. See – human error right there

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