Gaming: How Role Playing Games are Mood Changers (A Guest Post by J. E. Skye)

I wrote a guest blog for a dear friend of my mine. If you like it please check out her blog:

I can think of no one better to write Fistful of Glitter’s first guest post than J. E. Skye. His blog, The Bipolar Writer (specifically his post about Role Playing Games), was the first thing I read on WordPress after starting this blog, and I was instantly hooked. The Bipolar Writer is one of the most eloquent discussions of mental illness I have read over the years. As the author suffers from bipolar disorder himself, there isn’t any of the patronisation or judgement that can often appear in writing about depression and anxiety.

One of the common topics discussed in J. E. Skye’s work is the relationship between depression and anxiety, and creativity. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety themselves, reading the Bipolar Writer is incredibly inspiring, and has become essential part of my creative process.

In this post, he discusses a topic very close to my…

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4 Replies to “Gaming: How Role Playing Games are Mood Changers (A Guest Post by J. E. Skye)”

  1. Awesome! I read and commented on their blog. I said,

    “I completely agree with all of this! My RPG’s have saved me many hours of dwelling and being lost. They also created such a great feeling of accomplishment and set goals that it made taking that extra step in the real world, easier to take.”

    I think you have a created a window a lot of people relate to and some others see and learn to understand, what some people have to go through. It is very inspiring and brave of you sir!

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