Winter Speaks Memories

I wrote this poem during the wintertime for a writing class. I posted it back in September but it’s one of favorites.

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This poem was written a few years past in the winter time. When my depression becomes overwhelming, especially in the winter months where I struggle the most, this poem helps me put my depression into perspective. For so many years in my life, the past has always hurt me in the present, it is one of my greatest failures in life. But, the last few years I have turned that failure into fuel for my writing fire. Enjoy.

Winter Speaks Memories

Days of winter forever speak
their loss in endless deep.
Wind grips the skin
as if by the hand of the mind—
memories not forgotten.

Empty days pass through
the hourglass of life.
Figures never stay—
words never penetrate.
My soul’s skin stretched much too thin
like sleepless nights that seem
to never end.

Endless in the sea
of depression—never breaking.
But, as sunlight breaks the clouds
It touches…

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9 Replies to “Winter Speaks Memories”

  1. Beautiful poem. I am bipolar as well and winter is extremely difficult. Thank you for sharing your lovely words with us.

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  2. There’s that sense of deep despair in the poem you’d written, and yet, there’s, also that small amount of hope, which shows me, that you’re, working hard, battling your bipolar disorder, and the most important thing is to NEVER give up fighting, just keep reminding yourself that there are so many blessings in your life, that you are going to be okay!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. This poem was so great to write because I put so many things into such a small poem. I am not a great poet but sometimes I can write a good poem or two.


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