Anxiety – A Day in a Life

Anxiety A Day in a Life was a piece I wrote about living with anxiety and social anxiety that was posted in September. I wanted to share this on blog again because it’s a good piece.

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I wrote this feature article about anxiety a few months after I wrote the poem 12:15 am for a journalism feature writing class that I was taking. I like the look and feel of the piece because I worked on writing objectively about a subject that I suffer from. Anxiety has been so much a part of my life over the last ten years and even more so 2017. I will write more personal pieces on anxiety over my time with this blog as I suffer from social anxiety. I am by no means an expert in the field.

Anxiety – A Day in a Life

It’s 12:15 am. Regret takes him over. His thoughts race as he thinks, “I’ve been here before.” Panic rises in his body. His breathing becomes shallow and fast. Unease and restlessness consume him. Tingly numbness overtakes his hands. Hyperventilating—he loses complete control. A small…

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4 Replies to “Anxiety – A Day in a Life”

  1. Anxiety is a hard one to describe. It’s like a sudden hand one your chest, a sudden voice in your head that’s teaming up to keep you up until 3 AM because you’re panicing over unimportant things that your brain is trying to magnify.
    Great post! I love that you are always finding the most important topics to discuss.

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