Role Playing Games: How They Help my Depression

This was a favorite blog post of mine, it is especially important to recently as I have been using gaming as a coping tool over the last week. I started playing my favorite turn-based role-playing game called Dragon Quest 8. It’s an amazingly infuriating game that doesn’t tell you where to go next, no real quests direction but there are quests. It reminds me so much of Dark Souls. Anyway, enjoy this special post about how gaming helps me get through my depression.


6 Replies to “Role Playing Games: How They Help my Depression”

  1. I have game aps on my phone… it’s a great mindfulness tool but I know I have to be disciplined because it can eat up a lot of time if I’m not paying attention.

      1. Yes, its great to escape into gaming and not have to deal with real life for a while!

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