Music That Changes my Mood Pt. Two

I have to admit, I was in a dark place over the last few days. Its why writing “My Familiar Companion” turned out to be just what I needed to turn a page. Since then I finished another feature article (coming tomorrow) and I began the reorganization of my memoir “The Bipolar Writer.”

I wanted to continue with this series of music that helps change my mood. I am drafting off a playlist and just music that makes me feel good. My music collection is quite big and I listen to pretty much anything and everything. So I wanted to share more songs that always cheer me up when I am depressed.

Weightless – All Time Low

If you listen to the lyrics of All Time Low’s song Weightless you will understand why this song has been a great part of my life. A lot of All Time Low songs will most likely be featured in this series because their lyrics are about real life.

Paramore – That’s What You Get

I have loved the music Paramore releases since day one. I have seen them live more than any other band and they rank as my #1 favorite band. There are few Paramore songs that I don’t listen to when life gets me down. That’s what you get is a song with real-life lyrics which I always love about my music selection.

Somewhere in Neverland – All Time Low

Somewhere in Neverland is just a good song and it has great lyrics about love and finding that one person. We have all had that one person who we wanted them to run away with us.

Paramore – Still Into You

Still into You is the perfect love song. Seriously. You can’t listen to this song and think of that one person in your life. It could be your partner or your best friend. Paramore always brings the best songs.

Boys Like Girls – Two Is Better than One

This song always reminds me of what I have been missing all these years when I made the decision to end my last relationship. Ever since I haven’t brought anyone in, but this song always makes me smile about the future. You never know, and two is better than one.

Taylor Swift – Teardrops on My Guitar

Why not end with a Taylor Swift song. Believe it or not, this song is on my playlist and it always puts me a good mood. I think its the whole hopeless romantic side of me.

So, here is part two of music that changes my depression mood. Enjoy. Leave comments. Whatever you need.


Always Keep Fighting

J.E. Skye

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoAlice Moore

unsplash-logoMohammad Metri

22 Replies to “Music That Changes my Mood Pt. Two”

  1. Music is amazing medicine. Thank you for this reminder. While Mum was dying in hospital I listened over and over to a song I loved in the car. It helped me both to get the feelings out and feel uplifted despite all the darkness and pain of those days. ❤

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    1. Music makes a major difference in my life. I remember when I lost my grandpa I listened to a lot of Hawaiian music (he was born in Hawaii) and it just melted me

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  2. I love glimpses into your playlists. It makes me feel like I’m learning pieces of you better or maybe just in a different way.

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  3. I would recommend “Joy Division”. There’s nothing quite like upbeat music with anxiety-inducing lyrics. Perhaps it can make one see that although depression is something that cannot be avoided, how one perceives or deals with it — can sometimes be somewhat of a choice — laughing at the enemy — a tragic victory.

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  4. Love love love All Time Low. Current songs that always change my mood are Alive by Sia, One More Light by Linkin Park, Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons, The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov, Comes and Goes by Greg Laswell, Song of Silence by Disturbed, The Night We Met by Lord Huron, Society by Eddie Vedder and Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez. You should check them out 🙂

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    1. That’s a pretty good list. One more light is a good song it’s on my list. All time Low are pretty cool live. I’ve seen them a few times at different festivals.

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  5. I love paramore, I always have. I like many different types of music as well, but I will always be a scene/emo kid at heart lol. That genre of music just speaks to me. I’ve gone through plenty of different phases and preferences of music, but I never get tired of paramore and similar bands. The album Riot was awesome, I still have it.

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    1. Yeah it always makes me laugh that half of my music is at the height of the scene/emo music. I still listen my favorites like Eyes set to Kill. Man there was some good music in that time frame.

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      1. Same here lol and yes there was. I’m glad I gave up my skinny jeans, tight t-shirts, and large amounts of black eyeliner; but I’ll always hold onto the music.

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  6. Great post. Music definitely has the ability to better or worsen my mood. I stick to poppy music from the 90s and 00s to get me out of funks. Think Britney or Nsync. Reminds me not to take life too seriously and that even though I am an adult, I don’t have to worry like an adult. All in due time. This time of year is tough for so many people.

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    1. It does seem as if this has been a really tough year for so many people. That is the power of music, you can escape for a little bit and not have to adult so much.


  7. Love this. Music plays a huge part in my journey and mood stabilization too, and for stopping a panic attack if it’s gone full-blown.

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  8. I really like how you included Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on My Guitar (plus the one above that — Two Is Better than One) in your list of songs. I love her songs and they’re really good at relieving stress.

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