Music That Changes my Mood Part Three

Its been a great day. I finished writing another feature article, and I wrote a great blog post today entitled “My Mental Health Awareness.” I am editing and proofreading my memoir in the next few hours but I wanted to add another addition to Music That Changes my Mood, this would be the third edition.

You can find the blog post that inspired this series, here.

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So here we go, some music that changes my mood. It was especially big today as I spent the day writing.

Taeyeon – 11:11

Those of you who follow my blog know my obsession with Korean Music. This is a great song I discovered this year. If you have time find the YouTube video that shows the English lyrics because they are truly amazing. 11:11 is just a song that will always have its place on my Korean music playlist.

Echosmith – Future Me

This song came up while I was on shuffle on my iTunes. It’s a song that I love to listen to because at any level you can relate to the lyrics. If the lyrics feel right and the melody is something I can listen to, it makes the mood playlist. This song is important even now as we look towards 2018.

Paramore – The Only Exception

There isn’t a Paramore song that comes up on my playlist of songs that change my mood. I literally have about a million Paramore shirts. I always loved this song because as an introvert the lyrics really speak to me. I don’t make a lot of exceptions when it comes to letting people into my life.

Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins not Tragedies

You can’t go wrong with a Panic! at the Disco song and I Write Sins, Not Tragedies is a classic. I remember driving to work and the album in which this song hails was always on. It was my go-to album to pump me up for the long commute when this song came out.

Sam Hunt – Break Up in a Small Town

When I say I listen to every genre I really mean it. I occasionally listen to good country music. This song always got to me because I had a relationship in a small town it was never good seeing my ex-girlfriend.

Eyes Set to Kill – Break

Eyes Set to Kill – Come  Home

I wanted to showcase that not all songs on my mood playlist are happy songs. Sometimes you just need some good hardcore rock to get you through a tough day. I have listened to Eyes Set to Kill for about as long as I have been Bipolar. Their music (the two sisters and their band) got me through some of the worst of my early years of my diagnosis.

Well, this has been fun to share some music that is a mood changer. When depression gets me down, music and writing get me through the worst of it.


J.E. Skye

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoMark Solarski

unsplash-logoHanny Naibaho

13 Replies to “Music That Changes my Mood Part Three”

  1. More great songs. Sam Hunt’s though – I can totally relate to. I live in an area that my county only has 15,000 people. So you can imagine gas stations or grocery store – frequently I get what I call “gut check”. Never easy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It helped me with my depression and anxiety as a teen too. I’m glad that they’re still going and that the music has evolved and grown with them (or specifically Brendon Urie, since he’s the only one left, lol.)

        Liked by 1 person

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