Music That Changes my Mood – Part Eight

Music really helped me get through a tough week. Here is another version of “Music That Changes My Mood.” Here is the full series.

Crystalyne – “Wolves”

Courage My Love – You Don’t Know How

Paramore – Misery Business

Panic! At The Disco – Build God, Then We’ll Talk

Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Goin Down

Panic! At The Disco – Lying Is The Most Fun…

Simple Plan – Perfect

Avril Lavigne – Keep Holding On

J.E. Skye

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoLeio McLaren

21 Replies to “Music That Changes my Mood – Part Eight”

  1. Avril and Panic! I love both and I totally agree. When I listen to Keep Holding On, it reminds me to never give up to be honest and I totally agree with most of these songs!

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      1. exactly! It’s so beautiful and her piano songs just give me an uplifting feeling!

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  2. Some gospel songs would be nice to include in your playlist as well😇 trust me, it will be worth the listen! God bless and keep you strong always! Byes! Xx

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      1. Oh wow really? That’s great! I’ll look out for that post for sure! Oh, you’re most welcome, glad I could help as per usual lolol! 😀

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  3. Music plays (see what I did there? haha) a large part in helping me cope with difficult days, inspiring me to write, keeping my focus on tasks, and helping me relax. So practically, most aspects of my life. I’m unfamiliar with some songs on your list, but will check them out! Thanks 🙂

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      1. I have been a Panic! fan since the beginning. I remember going to Target and buying the CD under the new artists section. It was a perfect fit for me at the time.


      2. I couldnt find the CD’s at the beginning because they weren’t very popular (where I live in england) but eventaully I went into a CD shop and found all of their CD’s. It was almost the best day of my life.

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  4. “Build God” is my favorite Panic! video, hands down, although I gotta admit, “Say Amen” is already a veeerrry close second. Great list!


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