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I don’t often talk about the writing side but when I do it’s a big thing.

Going to school is not cheap. Neither is everything else that comes with the writing life. As I move closer to completing the first draft of The Bipolar Writer Memoir, I am thinking about the possibility of self-publishing. I have done my research and I know the costs of such a venture.

That leads me to look for freelancing work wherever I can in this world. I have already started to pick up local work. I am on Upwork. I put ad‘s on craigslist with some good and bad experiences. I thought something today. I have a blog. Why not reach out to those that need help here on my blog—for a price. That is what freelance work is, moving from project to project.

So what am I offering?

I can help with creating a blog from the start. My blog is my own it took me while to make everything right the way I like it. The content is all mine. I have experience in growing my brand without much help. It’s been a learning procsss for me, but hey I have skills. If you want to pay me to help you create a new blog site, I am here.

I can help write original content for you blog under any peramiters. I have already done a couple of these types of jobs and I create my own content on blog daily. I can research like there is no tomorrow for those of you that need that for your content I’m your guy. If you need someone to edit and proofread your blog posts before you go live, I can help.

Then there is the proofreading editing part of my freelance skills. I am an English major nearing the end of my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. I minored in journalism, screenwriting, and political science. I have experience in proofreading and editing. The classes I have left are math classes and science classes. I have finished every writing class under my degree. I can help with ghostwriting or copy editing.

I do offer tutoring, but that is probably best for local work. One of my skills is researching. I am damn good at it. So if you need that, I can help.

I am not the kind of guy who charges is a lot. I am competitive with each project. I am online with PayPal so that is always a good thing.

I have a lot of things coming up this summer that I am going to need money for mosty trips. My graduation. My brothers wedding in Oregon. My annual pilgramage to Las Vegas. I would love to finally see Italy and South Korea. I have a good friend of mine in Germany. There is of course the whole student loans thing. It would be nice to pay off my interest before I start my Master’s program at the end of this summer.

I have things in play. My screenplay for one. But I need to be able to save every penny. If that means helping out people then I will do what ever it takes. I am not sure if this is even the right place to put a post such as this, but hey its my blog.

The costs of self-publishing my memoir will be high no matter how I look at it. I don’t need extra work in my life but I have to be open to all opporinites that come my way.

So if you need any type of freelance writing work, I am your blogger— or writer —James Edgar Skye.

So if your interested in any of my freelance skills email me. Let’s talk.

Contact me @

James Edgar Skye

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24 Replies to “Freelance Work”

    1. I know what you mean. I have a couple of projects lined up. One is short term easy work and one is long term. I could use some quick editing jobs. I plan on going down to the local community colleges and offer my services. The online sites are harder to break into I have found.


  1. This offer to edit and proofread will probably be more successful if you edit it and proofread it. I see several mistakes.

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  2. This post is awesome.
    I have an unrelated question, but its what is the best site to buy a domain? Pls

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    1. I bought mine through WordPress because I wanted a domain name through WordPress. It’s $99 a year. For a premium account with a domain name.


      1. Okay that’s good..
        But I’d like to know if buying a domain would affect my blog and its existing content?

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      2. At most times, every provider of blogs tries to attract other customers for their services, so it shouldn’t. Buying vs. taking a free domain shouldn’t matter. Or changing a domain. However, you might want to check in with them, i.e. your chosen provider. If you stick with wordpress, then try buying a domain through them (premium). But if you are considering to go on a self-hosted blog, read about the subject first (for example, Michael Hyatt’s blog posts on the subject).

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      3. Thank you so much for replying, this was indeed helpful.
        I’ll check out the blog.

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      4. But which do you use?
        I was think of buying a domain either from Godaddy or Namecheap.

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      5. Just with I knew I wanted this name, checked if it was taken or not, then bought premium for the blog and a domain through them. It’s the easiest way and well, the price isn’t all that different if you go here or there.

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      6. That’s pretty good..
        I’ll go premium.
        Thanks for the tips..

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      7. That I am not sure. This is my second blog. I started over. I think it should in the fact that you can use your current domain name ( and the domain name that you chose.


      8. I’m sticking to my blog name, but only Wanted to drop the “” as it hinders me from somethings.

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      9. Wow, i might just go premium with WordPress.
        Thank you so much assisting me.. It really helped.

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      10. It’s worth it. The themes are better and you have more control. That’s just in my experience as a blogger. In both a free and premium services on WordPress


      11. Definitely, i wanted to compliment your blog before you mentioned it, your blog is really awesome and the theme and its content really impressive and eye catching. Great job.
        Thanks once again.

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  3. hey James. you ay also wanna make a profile on it will be a good help for you to get more clients and pay off your loans​​ while saving good enough for your future pal​ns. good luck buddy.


  4. Hi,

    I love your writing on “Freelance Work”. Your post is very much helpful and informative. Keep up the good work and present us your best.


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