Living With The Pain Of Rejection

Emotional Pain Of Rejection

So far my posts have, for the most part, about been about chronic physical pain rather than emotional pain. The title of my site is meant to encompass all aspects of pain: physical, mental and emotional. Mental and emotional pain can be just as damaging to your body as physical pain can be.

Our bodies need to have a healthy state of mind, and a healthy emotional makeup or it affects us physically. All three of these things are interrelated and you cannot damage one without having damage of some sort done to the others.

Our Emotional Needs

For one to be healthy emotionally, we need to have the support and control of our mental thoughts. High amounts of stress over long periods of time can cause physical changes in our mental and physical health. A well-known trigger for Fibromyalgia pain is stress. Stress can cause serious mental issues like Agoraphobia, severe anxiety, and chronic depression; all of which I have extremely bad.

Humankind needs to have positive reinforcement to maintain a healthy frame of mind. We require it. When you receive more negative influences than positive, your mental self-starts to believe it. That’s when the pain starts. Emotional pain, mental pain. Self-doubt.

What We Think

Without even realizing it, you start to ask yourself what’s wrong with you. What about me makes me not loveable? Why does no one want me? Am I doing things wrong? You start to question and doubt who you are as a person and begin to believe your thoughts. You are not lovable, you are not wanted, it is all your fault. Depression sinks in and you lose your trust in the good.

Being Rejected

When you are with someone in a relationship that has been good for a length of time, and then it suddenly (or slowly) falls apart and you realize the other person no longer has those feelings for you anymore, it hurts. It hurts deeply. The emotional pain from that realization can set you into a tailspin that you cannot seem to stop.

You still love them but their love is gone. The talking has turned to angry silence and you no longer have someone to share your thoughts with. You re lonely and crave their touch but they do not even want to be in the same room with you, let alone touch you. You want to make it go back to how it was before, but all you seem to do is make it worse.

It Is Not You!

The most important thing I want you to take from what I have written is this: IT IS NOT YOU.  THEY are the one that changed THEY are the one that made things how they are now. Yes, you both have faults, but allowing a relationship to get to the point it does where one person changes and the other does not, that person is responsible for that change.

There is more reason why than I could possibly blog, but just remember, even though you may still feel the same, they do not. You cannot change them. You cannot make it better. All you can do it be true to yourself and remember that you are beautiful. You are worthy, and you are amazing. The only person that should care about that is you. As long as you are happy with who you know yourself to be inside, nothing else that anyone thinks matters.

You will be rejected. It will happen, and it will hurt. The pain of being rejected cuts deep. It is hard to heal, but you can do it and you will do it because you matter. Maybe not to that one person, but to so many other people in your life you matter a lot. Remember that if nothing else. YOU MATTER!



8 Replies to “Living With The Pain Of Rejection”

  1. It’s like I just read my own mind… Or u read my mind. Currently dealing with the emotional pain of rejection….I know how it feels.

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  2. I experienced that after 5 weeks of being married: my then husband turned aggressive and told me he had made a mistake and I walked. It was humiliating but I’m glad every day that I’m no longer with him. Sending love 🙂

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