Weekly Wrap-up 1/14 – 1/20

I have been super busy and it has meant not writing my weekly wrap-up the last two weeks. So I am bringing you the wrap-up of what has been a very busy week. This is the place to catch up on all my writings. So, here we go with the weekly wrap-up January 14-20, 2018.

J.E Skye’s Weekly Wrap Up

What I Learned Today

In this blog post, I talk about something new that I realized in my social anxiety life. What is interesting is that sometimes through reflection you can find some amazing parts of yourself. This is a great read because it shows another aspect of my growing list of things about my social anxiety.

Music That Changes my Mood – Part Eight

This post is one of the ongoing blog posts about sharing my playlist of music that changes my mood. Its been a great series and introduce more songs. This one is just a great list of music.

Katie’s Feature Article

What can I say about Katie’s interview feature Living with Faith in a Bipolar Life? I enjoyed being able to share Katie’s story on my blog and at the same time get to know an amazing writer. If you haven’t read Katie’s feature, then I think you should. It’s a great piece.

Music That Changes my Mood – Part Nine

This is the first edition in the series, Music That Changes my Mood that featured Christian Gospel. It was great to share this, and this blog post came from a request from a follower. It was nice to share this side of me because of my faith, which I probably don’t write about enough. To share these pieces of music from amazing artists was amazing. The last part of this post talks about a time when I lost my faith and the song that really helped me get there.

Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far

This blog post is just me sharing my motivations so far in 2018 as I move closer each day to my most important goals of the new year. My motivation is high and I wanted to share it with my fellow bloggers in the mental illness community.

Mental Health Stigmas

This blog post challenges my fellow bloggers to talk about the stigma that surrounds mental health. This is one of my main goals when starting The Bipolar Writer, to end the stigma. There are so many great writers out there that are being a voice but we need the entire community writing to really end the stigma. I challenge each of my blogger followers to start or continue to write on this issue.

Music That Changes My Mood – Part Ten

This is part two of the Christian Gospel version of Music That Changes my Mood.

My Mental Illness Journal

This was something I have been wanting to post on my blog. My thoughts in journal form from the past when my depression was at it highest. These pieces are real and raw. I don’t edit these pieces and rather I chose to leave them as written. They are my thoughts I never thought I would share, but that is the goal of my blog and memoir.

Goals in Mental Health Recovery

In this blog post, I share some questions that I had to answer when working on my own mental health recovery. These questions are not all that will help you along your journey, but they are a good start. If you are looking for a way to set goals for your mental halth recovery in 2018, please read this post.

Looking for Contributors for The Bipolar Writer Blog

This was a simple blog that speaks for itself. If you want to be a contributor to the content of The Bipolar Writer blog, just read this email.

That’s my weekly wrap-up. I will make sure to remember to write these each week so that I have all that I did that week in one place.


J.E. Skye

Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to Business

I am looking to expand The Bipolar Writer blog to new territories that include having the blog sell books for other artists (if I can make everything work). I am also looking to sell my own book here on my blog. I hate asking for donations but I have to do what I can.


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