Can’t You See Me?


Can’t you see me? I’m standing right in front of you, reaching out, waiting for you to take my hand. I look at you as you walk by me. I see a blank face. To you, I don’t exist. I am nothing. You shove my hand away without a touch. You don’t feel it, but I do. I felt it all the way to the deepest depths of my heart. Can’t you see me?

Don’t you know I still love you? I need you? Why did you stop loving me back? When? I’m so confused. I don’t understand how we got here, and I don’t know where to go. I’m afraid if I turn away you will forget me forever.

I see you coming back now. Walking by me. I reach out to you again but no, your eyes don’t see me, your ears don’t hear me calling for you. I’m fading away and you don’t even notice. Someday I will be gone and I wonder if you will even remember that I was here. That I was a part of your life once upon a time. That you loved me. Will you remember me?

I love you so much. Why can’t you see me?

by kilee goecke

7 Replies to “Can’t You See Me?”

  1. This is truly beautiful. I can relate as well. This reminds me of the song: “Dancing on my own” by Calum Scott.

    Beautifully written with so much emotional energy.

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  2. It’s always hard, having to detach ourselves from that former love, but, if we don’t force our hearts to stop loving the person, then, we will totally, get STUCK, and always live in regrets of that lost love…

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    1. Oh, I’ll never stop loving him. If he chooses this life for us, so be it. If he leaves, so be it. I’m learning to live without him even though he is here. It isn’t easy, but a necessity as you say. I do believe he will not realize I’m no longer standing there, since he worked so hard not to see me anyway. Life was never meant to be fair, was it.


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