My Sixth Honest Post

I love writing a blog post in this fashion. It’s all about writing about what is on the mind of The Bipolar Writer. It‘s been a busy non-stop January. I have been picking up projects left and right. That includes a big local writing job that I am so excited to be writing. I am doing my best not to overwhelm myself but my goals and plans for 2018 are vast. I am ready to take over the world.

Some updates.

My memoir is going well, but I am still looking to write a few more chapters before I am happy with a first draft. It is still an unorganized as whole but I am not worried. I wrote each chapter out of order with purpose. You never remember everything that happened in your life in chronological order. So why would I write my story in such a way? Still, it keeps me so busy.

My blog is going well. I introduced some contributor writers to my blog over the last week or so, and it has worked out very well. I am also still writing my interview features which the experience has been amazing. I wrote the recent interview feature post was about Liz S. was another great example of why it’s important to tell the stories of others. I am always coming up with new ideas for topics to discuss on The Bipolar Writer. It was amazing to see my blog grow over the last month. I reached another milestone on my blog of 3,000 followers. I am over the moon about the direction of my blog. My blog can only go up.


I have been sick for the last week and a half. It’s interesting though because even how sick I have been, I have been able to stay productive. Sure sometimes I write in bed, but it is still writing. It wasn’t the case last year. When I was sick for three weeks with bronchitis in February of last year I stayed in bed for weeks. I was coming off a week in the hospital for my ulcers and of course, and I got sick in the hospital. I ended up taking a semester off so I had no motivation for weeks on end.

In my mind its a major difference between years. I am so focused in 2018 and its been amazing journey. Since last summer I have been working on my projects non-stop and it has been a good thing. I have so many things to look forward to and my goals are in sight. I am ready to take them down this year.

School this semester is going well despite my anxiety about statistics early on. Three weeks in, and it’s going well. It’s never easy but I am working each day and learning a lot. My literature class, like all the literature classes, are exciting for me. Any chance that I get to read the works of Poe, O’Brien, and Frost it’s a good semester.

Even being sick, I feel great as we move toward the end of the first month of 2018. I can’t believe that we are moving through 2018 so fast. Before you know it we will be in February (an important month for me.) I will find out the results of the screenplay competition I entered in December.

My social anxiety is well getting better in some places and in others I still need work. I missed my appointment yesterday but when I get back to therapy I will continue to work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My depression has been at manageable levels over the last few weeks. Since my Christmas depression cycle, I haven’t entered into another major cycle. That is always a good thing.


So here I am. Working towards goals and moving forward. I set out to make 2018 the best year ever and it is going well.

J.E. Skye

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25 Replies to “My Sixth Honest Post”

  1. That’s awesome on all your projects! I have been having a hard time getting myself focused on personal things. I have personal life stress that continues to hang over my head this year that I’m trying to wrap my head around. But I’m hoping this year things change a bit.

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  2. I finished my Master’s Degree in English two years ago and I find it’s been difficult getting back into a social setting ever since. Some of my most anxiety-free moments are when I get back into classic literature. Thoreau keeps me positive and constructive; Crane sparks a sense of realism–which keeps my mind sharp with comparisons. Happy to hear the semester is going well for you! I dealt with my anxiety order through the entirety of the program and it was not always easy. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Thank you. It’s never easy but I am getting better at keeping my schedule just right. I am starting my Masters soon after finishing my BA. It should be a good transition for me.

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  3. Glad things are going well for you! I’m in my 3rd week of literature class and I love it. Especially when we get to be creative with some of the characters. I am continuing my education online because of my anxieties. I would love to have a full-time online writing job! That would be fantastic! Good luck with your future endeavors!

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  4. Congrats on every single milestones and achievement you’ve made thus far. I have no doubt that your life, blog and health would get better and stronger. You are more than a survivor. You are a conqueror in the sight of your obstacles.

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  5. I hops things only continue to be better & that things stay steady & grow more for you! ♡ excited to see where you take this blog & future posts!

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