My Continued Struggles with Ativan

Since I was sick and I just finished up passing my fourth month of The Bipolar Writer, I thought I would share an old post from November 2017. I hope you enjoy the re-blogged post.

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Over the course of November, I have chronicled my social anxiety and my struggles with Ativan. In “Realities of Ativan” I discussed researching this medication and the ongoing struggles with my psychiatrist over my dosage. It’s a great read.

I wanted to update something about this “journey” and how it continues to get worse as the days in November continue. The first problem I have is the amount of Ativan that I have available to me during a thirty-day period. I have a morning dose and an evening dose of 1mg. It’s not a high dose, and as I research this issue more, and with the comments with my last blog on this subject, the doses for each person varies.

I used to take 1mg three times a day, and did for almost seven years until my psychiatrist at the time three years ago changed the dosage and then she…

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