An American’s Obsession with Korean Pop

I thought it was time this made its way back on to my blog.

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I wanted to write a post about an ongoing obsession of mine for as long as I can remember, Korean pop. It started one night while I was surfing Youtube that I started watching the following video from the K-pop group Girls Generation.

It was interesting video and considering I don’t speak Korean it was great to just watch a video and analyze it from a purely aesthetic point of view and how the video tells a story.

I have been hooked ever since and over the years I have watched many Girl’s Generation videos, Genie is one of my favorites. I always look up the English lyrics for each song, but these songs are beautiful in Korean.

It is also kinda cool to watch Girls Generation grow as a group over the years.

My two favorite songs from Girls Generation are these two songs  Maybe, Baby & Promise.

As all…

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3 Replies to “An American’s Obsession with Korean Pop”

  1. I can totally relate to this. I spent quite a bit of high school addicted to Gee, BTS, 2pm and Winner!

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