My Thoughts on Mental Illness and Guns

I thought about this blog post today as I read about what happened in Florida. I usually stay out of politics and this blog post I wrote isn’t about politics. It’s just my thoughts about mental illness and guns. I have no idea if the person that did the unthinkable has a mental illness, but for sure it doesn’t help the stigma that we are fighting when the conversation does go towards “if” the gunman is mentally ill. Anyway here are some thoughts I had in October of last year.


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  1. It’s so sad that you have an occasion to repost this. I think most rational people believe the right to bear arms was meant for protection and maybe hunting. Guns and gun ownership has become sport and I can’t get onboard with that mentality. Mostly it’s not mental illness but mindset that drives this madness. Glad you are in a good space right now by the way.

  2. I have goosebumps. I live in broward county Florida and I’m beyond sad but thankful that my youngest brother, who’s in high school doesn’t go to that high school. But I’m incredibly nervous for him. After tragedies like this my anxiety levels are heighten, I always think what if this causes someone else to get more confident in following in the shooters foot steps. I’m not going to lie even though my son is in elementary school I’m so tempted to keep him home tomorrow. I hate that this is the world we live in nowadays.

  3. There’s no question that it’s scary out there. My thoughts are with those who have suffered from gun violence. Though, as I’ve touched base on guns before myself and more recently,, I have always felt guns aren’t the issue. And with that said, we’ll have just the same amount of luck modifying gun control regulation, in this country, as getting a handle on drugs. I’m under the belief that at the end of the day, guns are machines, they can be handled with care and responsibility; and in the end, someone has to pull the trigger- thus we are in control. To that regard, I believe it comes down to how we treat one another and the “triggers” we propose on each other. I feel we could benefit from more please and thank yous in the world. I think there’s no excuse, for us not to respect and be kind to one another. I also believe, as adults, we aren’t showing our children the right way to cope and handle each other socially; and be more responsible.

    1. I agree with you about we are not showing our children the right way to cope. I have been around nothingness but responsible gun owners my whole life. They know to keep their guns locked away when they are not using them at the range. For me it’s mental health thing. I know I should never own a gun. At one point I couldn’t but today I could. It’s a personal choice but I think those of us who deal mental illness there needs to be safeguards in place. What I worry about is people in the mental health community suffering because one guy who has a mental illness shot up a school. That is not indicative for the community. It further hurts the stigma surrounding mental illness.

  4. I respect everybody’s opinion but honestly when I look at the world today, i sometimes wish we lived in a world without guns. In my opinion People already do enough damage to each other an the world just fine. I really feel for those people an there lost loved ones. It’s such a tragedy.

    1. It’s very tragic. The loss they feel because of gun laws in the county is tragic. What sucks more is there will never be changes because most politicians are owned my nra. Including the president

      1. So true. 💔What a mess! I love how people are standing up though, I can only hold onto my hopes.

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