I Must Apologize

I have been sorta lost in my anxiety these past few weeks and I have felt disconnected from my fellow bloggers. I have always been good at connecting with my followers and the bloggers that take the time to follow and like my blog. I must apologize. It has always been my goal for The Bipolar Writer blog to connect, not just share my experiences and expect the world to recognize what I am writing.

I have been far from having balance in my life. My insomnia has taken its punches over the last few weeks. When it’s not sleep it is my social anxiety spiraling. I have been busy especially this past week with finals, but that isn’t a good excuse. My biggest goal with my blog is to talk about the issues surrounding the mental illness stigma. It has been tough February.

I had such a good start to the year, and I am not saying that things are so bad that I am feeling that 2018 is not my year— I am heading in the right direction. I just feel as if I don’t spend enough time working towards connecting with my fellow mental illness bloggers.

I think my expansion of my blog was a good thing. Adding new contributor writers has brought fresh new ideas to my blog. I don’t regret much since starting this blog, but the fact that I have been neglecting to check out other blogs has bothered me the last couple days.

So I am going to do better. Spend more time here. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, but this place. My blog. Is the reason why I have been able to write my memoir. The way that people have responded has made me a better writer.

So if we follow one another and I haven’t visited your blog, link it in the comments. If we have been friends and I have been on you blog, comment your latest blog post. I plan to spend one hour a day just reading blogs. I want to be able to back up my own writing and see what my people are writing about, it means the world to have as many following bloggers as I have for The Bipolar Writer blog. I need to find peace by reading the blog posts of others like me.

Always Keep Fighting.

James Edgar Skye

Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to Business

I am looking to expand The Bipolar Writer blog to new territories that include having the blog sell books for other artists (if I can make everything work). I am also looking to sell my own book here on my blog. I hate asking for donations but I have to do what I can.


Photo Credit: unsplash-logoPriscilla Du Preez

38 Replies to “I Must Apologize”

  1. Hey James. I had donated once before when you were looking to get a new laptop… but I feel there was a button somewhere with a link. Where exactly would I go to help you out this time? 🤓 Thanks,

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  2. I try to read your blog as much as possible, so I don’t know why you would feel that way. If you need time to just chill out from blogging until your anxiety calms down, no one in the mental illness community is going to blame you… We would understand completely. 🙂 Just feel better. 🙂

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      1. Hun, we all have so many blogs we follow and it’s very hard to keep up on them daily. I know I follow people in clusters at times, but I follow over 1000 bloggers. It’s hard. But, we all try and do understand that about ourselves.
        Don’t put any unwanted pressure on yourself. 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much. Every little bit helps. I am hopeful by end of this month the first draft will be complete and then working through March for editing and hopefully May for publishing.

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  3. You are putting too much pressure on yourself. You only have so much time and energy. Thank you for apologizing, but I don’t think there is a need. I have a post ready to publish just to say, I haven’t had a chance to check out new blogs of the new followers. It isnt really an apology as much as it is to let people I have every intension on getting to it, sometimes it just takes a while. Ease up on yourself, get through your exams. We will still be here.

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      1. I know what you mean about not doing enough. For me it’s from having such high expectations of myself.

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  4. I could have a skewed viewpoint, but from the outside looking in, it seems like you are doing more than enough. Even as I say thy though I know how it can feel to have your mind and body holding you back from that little extra you want to achieve. Keep striving forward, you’re truly an importation, but try not to push it too much, I think a lot of us would be sad to see you overexert yourself for our benefitz

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  5. James, there’s something to be said about not feeling well. Life happens in between blog writing, doesn’t it? None of us feel perfect all of the time and not many blog writers are great at getting pieces up on some regular basis. I know that I’m not and I don’t have school too to deal with. It’s simply different for different people but the end result is the same. We are all struggling to get in the head space or feeling well enough or find the time to sit down and write a proper blog piece. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Few of us can follow the hundreds of followers that we all follow every single day anyway. Go easy on yourself. Write when you feel that you can and not when you feel that you can’t. Even a virus (such as the one that I’ve had for over 3 weeks now) can leave us dumbstruck for words for a blog entry. Relax and go easy on yourself. Remember, you are loved and cared about in this world. HUGS

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  6. I am so disconnected from everything right now. It happens. Just do what you can. Try not to be too hard on yourself about it. And keep pushing forward. I’ve been away a few weeks from everything while recovering from surgery. So I kinda understand where you are coming from.

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  7. To echo some of the comments made, there’s only one of you and I know too well that even digital interaction can be exhausting. I know it’s not easy, but try to be kind to yourself. I, too, can go a little overboard when it comes to interactions… I think it might be social anxiety playing out, but this time online.

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  8. Great job, it’s not always easy to write and keep on top of everyone else’s writing but I always find it so interesting and inspiring reading others blogs.

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