Bringing Back Interview Features

It has been a few weeks since I have written an interview feature. It has been the greatest thing to start sharing the stories of my fellow mental illness bloggers. I have enjoyed writing every single one of these feature articles. I thought I had everything organized but somehow I lost some of the people who wanted to be interviewed. I think I covered most of the interviews just fine but I am sure I missed some. I apologize for that, and to make it up I want to open up the opportunity again.

I want to share the stories of others much like I have shared my own experiences. I keep thinking that if I write enough of these stories down together we can make mental illnesses have a real human face, and at the same time start to change the narrative about the stigma surrounding mental illness. I talk about it a lot as it is the most important thing and it why I write.

I want to get back to that because I feel as if I have lost my way lately. I have been so lost in my own issues with social anxiety that it really feels as if I am losing parts of myself again. So, I will what I do best. Write.

If you are interested in being one of my interviewee’s let me know. Email me at

If you want to see my past interviews please see what I have written so far.

Interview Features – The Series

Always Keep Fighting.

James Edgar Skye

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