A Declaration of War on Depression

If you’ve dealt with depression for some time like I have, you may have noticed that it is almost like depression has a mind of its own. It can easily take over your life and control every action if you let it. If you give your power to your depression, than you are giving it a voice. You are letting it weigh in on decisions that you need to make, where depression has no place. Whether it is what you have for breakfast, or if you should quit your job, depression should not be factored into your daily life. Yet, as we all know, this is easier said than done, I mean I wish that I could just not be depressed. Depression is a black cloud that hangs over you even on the sunniest days. Once it gets you in its grasp, it’s almost impossible to pry yourself free. This is nothing new to us, this is our lives, we know these things better than anyone else.

The question here is, what do we do with this information? Imagine you’re in the middle of a war, because you are, with your depression. You’ve spent countless hours researching and learning everything you could about your opponent. You now are basically and expert, you know it’s every move, and how it will behave in certain situations. Yet, you’re just sitting on this vital information, letting it gather dust. Depression even takes advantage of this fact, that you have all this information that could help you gain the upper hand, but do not use it. Now, this is no fault of your own, depression has planted so many lies in your head, and spies in your army. It has led you to believe that the information you hold is useless and will just be a waste of energy. Since depression was at one point your friend, that offered you comfort where nothing else could, you let these lies it tells you take over your thinking.

As we all know very well, we did not choose to be depressed, like people don’t choose to get cancer. We are sick with an illness of the brain, but we do chose to not do anything to help ourselves. Granted, making that choice is similar to pulling teeth, because of how ingrained depression is in our every move. I’m here to tell you to pick back up your arms, and dive back into battle against your depression. Use the intel that you’ve obtained through painstaking years of observation. Bring in your mercenary squads in the form of therapists and psychiatrists. You may see an illness, and you are not wrong, but I see a war that has been going on inside my head for years. Leaving everything around it in piles of burning rubble, my body in a weak shadow of its former self. My mind and body have been a battleground for a war that I did not want, and most certainly did not sign up for. Yet, I continue to let this war rage on inside me, i do nothing to stop it. Well that is over, now I will bring the full force of everything I have to beat this menacing opponent into the ground so badly that it will never even want to rear its ugly head ever again.

Join me and fight for yourself! Let’s declare war on depression.



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14 Replies to “A Declaration of War on Depression”

      1. i know exactly how you feel with that! i feel the same way when i write, it’s nice meeting you by the way! i am tia, what’s your name? 🙂


      2. nice to meet you, Alan Wolfgang! 😀 can we be friends? and what inspires you to write, if you don’t mind me asking?


      3. Of course we can be friends, although if you ask any of my other friends they might tell you I’m not a very good one. I think what inspires me to write, is just the constant motion of my brain, it never leaves me alone, so I write to quiet it down.


      4. What makes you say that man? Why would they be affiliated with someone that isn’t a good friend? And omg I can relate to you tremendously, do you know what that is called whenever your mind is going at a rapid speed? 🤔


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