Tabling Our Vices

Is it possible to table our vices for the day? Enjoy waking up in our own beds, the softness of the sheets and warm spot we created from our slumber is enough to bring a smile to our face. That smile spreads as our toes touch the cool floor and our eyes begin to focus on the sun peeking through the shades. Today is going to be a good day: echoes through our thoughts and vibrates through our body. Take a deep breath in, coffee/tea/water/food, whatever nourishes you in the morning is waiting to be unwrapped and presented. Get up, throw your blankets over the mattress to resemble a made bed, then head to the kitchen. Today is going to be a good day.

We have made the first step, and it’s a big step. Knowing today is going to be a good day. What journey will we seek? A movie, a hike, a rummage through a used book store, a coffee or tea at the local joint, a chat with a friend, a game of croquet [because we never play and it might be fun], finding a piece of old furniture to paint, anything that gets us moving and gets us going today. Today is going to be a good day. It might not be a great day, or the best we have ever had in our life. It’s just going to be a good day.

When the sun begins to tuck itself in for the day, we make a final attempt. Today is going to be a good day. The day isn’t over yet. Night may cast itself over our heads, but we are still awake. The journey continues. No matter if we change into our pajamas [maybe we never changed out of them], or we throw on our nice shirt and head out to meet a friend, we know that we are still making today a good day.

Our head finally hits the pillow and the day is done. Maybe we couldn’t table all of our vices for the day, but we made an effort. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. 

Fingers To Sky


8 Replies to “Tabling Our Vices”

    1. Fear is one of my vices also. It holds me back on so many levels, but I’m working on it. See some progress made can help with motivation. Thanks for reading!

  1. It is so important to be vigilant to remind ourselves to stay in positive mind-spaces, for us who have a harder time then most. Thanks for writing. I am glad I read. My day so far is a good day, I will do my best to also make the remaining hour so.

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