Become Limitless With Mental Illness

People say your mindset determines your destiny. I believe that to be true to a certain extent. We do not know when tragedy will strike or what obstacles will present themselves before us. The only thing we can control, is how we react and handle life’s most difficult moments.

When you have a mental illness, I believe we have to fight harder for everything. We have to run an extra mile, just to go around a city block. We have to jump through hurdles just to get over a small bump in the road, and it feels like we are running through molasses to cross the finish line of anything.

Inner turmoil, distress and feeling like you are coming undone sometimes becomes part of the daily routine and battle to be conquered and won, before you can even begin to tackle and win the normal daily struggles. This daily inner turmoil, distress, and electrical misfiring in your brain can wreak havoc within every aspect of your life and ability to function and live a normal and good life.

The chemical imbalance and misfiring of signals in your brain, and the faulty connections between your brain, nerves and body are not determined by your willpower, mindset, determination and stamina. Some of it is out of your hands, and out of your control.

The key is learning what you can control and what is out of your hands. You must learn to accept the difference and the realization of what is and what is not in your control.

Acceptance is the hardest part. Acceptance is when you come to the full realization and understanding of what your reality is. You never have to accept what is right now as your forever, but you need to get an honest perspective of what is real and what is realistic for your life.

Understand that limitations may hinder your vision for your future. But, also realize that you do not need to set limits. Become limitless. Reach as far as you can stretch until your elastic thins, but does not break. When you know you went as far as you can and you tried your best, there will be no regrets. You did the best you could with what you had.

Know your impairments that might be in your way, so that you know what you need to repair. After you determine what you need to repair, figure out how to repair it as well and as efficiently as you can.

Set realistic dreams and goals. Make sure you have dreams. Without dreams, there is no hope. You must have hope. Hope leaves the window of opportunity open, so you can see a brighter future.

Know your life can always become better. It may not be the process, sequence, speed, direction or path you wanted to take, but one day you will be right where you need to be. You will get back on your road and go the direction you want to travel. Soon you will replant yourself in the best spot to sprout and grow, reaching and grasping your optimal level of living.

One day, you will reach your better tomorrow.

The key is to remember there is a better and brighter tomorrow.

When we face mental illness we have to work harder to get where we are going. It might take longer than you planned,  but you can still get to the church on time.

There may be many obstacles in your way, obstacles so huge and struggles so big that you don’t think you can ever overcome them, but one day you will make it.

You will overcome and you will come over to the other side. You will make it to which ever side you want. Once you reach the side you want, start living your life without any sides.

Become centered, and participate fully in your life. Live your life to your fullest potential.

Set less limits, and become limitless.

25 Replies to “Become Limitless With Mental Illness”

      1. Welcomed dear friend! 🤗 Hope you have a great day! ⛅ keep smilin’!

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  1. Great post. Especially the sentence, “The key is learning what you can control and what is out of your hands.” Sums it all up nicely.

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    1. You are welcome and that makes me very happy. I am delighted that this helped you today. It is always my goal when I write to positively impact someone in some way.Thank you for sharing. It means the world to me. I hope you have a happy healthy and fabulous day. I hope things will be better for you soon. Hugs, Sue

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  2. “Make sure you have dreams. Without dreams, there is no hope. You must have hope.” Love this line — hope is subtle, yet so powerful, and much more powerful than despair if you let it be ❤

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  3. This was so inspiring. Thank you for reminding me that although I may have limitations, it’s not about adding more limits to myself. It’s about observing and being realistic, and still having the courage and hope to believe I can tackle anything.

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