No More Blame, Bias or Shame

I have bipolar disorder. A mental illness one in the same.

The kind of illness that some still whisper its name.

Diagnosed with mental illness you are blamed, biased and shamed.

Given treatments and medications that sometimes make you too tame.

Drugs that change parts of your personality, spirit and game.

It’s time people with mental illness are given praise and acclaim

for their strength and resilience to overcome what they have overcame.

People with mental illness deserve to have their dignity and respect reclaimed.

Mental illness stigma needs to be stopped and renamed.

End the discrimination, bias and shame

for having an illness we never caused or wanted to claim.

I will continue to fight mental illness stigma. This I will always proclaim.

Speaking proudly and loudly. I am not ashamed. My illness is only a name.

I am not bipolar. I have bipolar.

I am not my illness. My illness is only a part of me

and has formed many good traits of me for you to see.

It is my passion and aim

to address and rename

mental illness in a positive beautiful frame

with an educated compassionate domain.

It’s time to burn out the negative hurtful flame

with a positive light associated with its name.

Make a choice

and be a voice

to decrease and stop stigma.

lt would be so very awesome of ya.

~Written by Susan Walz

23 Replies to “No More Blame, Bias or Shame”

  1. moral support always welcome 🙂 I found Kaye Redfield-Jamison’s book ‘Touched by Fire’ a life changer. Not only the book about the very close connection and boundary between creativity and mental illness but the author’s experience also, inspirational. Great post.

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    1. I read that book a long time and remember I liked it a lot but I cannot remember many details. It would probably be a good book to read again. Thank you for reading and I am haoopy you liked my post. Hugs, Sue

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    1. You are very welcome. I peaked at your blog and followed you. I love your idea fo ryour blog and am very interested in contributing some of my work. I hope you will be interested in my writing, as well. I also look forward to seeing other people’s work that is submitted. I think you have an absolutely terrific idea. I also draw and paint and like how you are going to have a place to submit artwork as well. Great idea. Thank you for your blog and for informing me about it. I look forward to see where your blog will go. Let me know if I can help in any way. Hugs, Sue

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      1. I absolutely welcome the creativity of all my sisters and brothers on this journey of creativity & mental health. I promote positivity through struggle & aim to guide the next generation who need guidance on how to channel their frustrations anger and anxieties surrounding communities worldwide. Poetry N poverty magazine is the start of a new family. The more we support each other through creativity the more we lead by example. So many artists suffering from mental health do not have a chance for their voice to be heard, stories of victims families and the community have limited channels to speak about real stories real struggle. I hope P&P will encourage those who support our plight to be recognized as artists first before only seeing our mental health. Building new perspectives is the key to aiding growth or so I believe. In addition to this poetry N poverty will be made available for young people who are creative & want to share their story of struggle through poetry & poverty. I hope we can all build new perspectives and achievements together. Much love T.wise

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      2. Hello Sue!

        Poetry & poverty magazine are definitely interested in your writing. Do you have a specific poem you could contribute to our first edition “Writers Block”? We are currently looking for poems, quotes and short stories inspired by mental health under the theme Writers Block. We are looking for short to medium sized poems/stories to feature. If this is something that interests you and you might want to contribute please email me the content when you are ready at would love to hear from you
        Best wishes

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      3. Thank you. Yes I would love to contribute some of my writing. I will look to see which ones I think may be a good fit for your site. I will try to find some of my favorite work. I will have a look soon and will email some to you. Great idea. I hope it will all work out. Have a fabulous night. Hugs, Sue

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. We need to open up and tell the truth about mental illness so people will understand it better and treat people who live with mental illness with compassion, kindness and dignity. Thank you for reading and for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it. Hugs, Sue


      1. Wow! That is very exciting. Congratulations on your new grandson. I hope you have a great visit. Is he your first grandson or do you have more? I do not have any yet, but I am more than ready to be a grandma. I can’t wait. but I am patiently waiting. Hugs, Sue

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  2. Congratulations are due to you very soon Sue. This is my first biological grandson but I have fifteen step grandchildren, it makes Christmas shopping a nightmare, lol. Hugs back, Michael

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