Writing Another Thank-You

It’s another milestone for The Bipolar Writer. I woke up this morning to this fantastic news.

How did we get here? I had no idea when I started this blog. What would become of it, and if it would honestly go anywhere. I have started two other blogs in my life, and none came even close to this one. I haven’t reached a year. Seven months and we have grown together.

I never thought when I wrote my first blog post as James Edgar Skye and The Bipolar Writer that this would even be possible— five thousand followers on my blog. I am grateful for every one of my fellow mental illness community bloggers for being a part of this experience.


I have shared so much with you, my followers. The connections I have made helped me become a better person, a better writer. I have come to terms with my diagnosis. I am Bipolar, and I have an illness— that’s okay in my mind. I learned to celebrate the little triumphs in this life from all of my followers.

For so long I believed there was something wrong with me, something I had to hide. My eyes are open. I have learned that together we can fight the stigma.

Thank you for being a part of this experience. Here is to many more milestones ahead.

James Edgar Skye

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23 Replies to “Writing Another Thank-You”

  1. Congratulations James. I love your acceptance of self and gratitude for all walking beside you on your journey. Truly lovely💖. And well deserved😎

  2. You have helped me know that I am not alone and I am sure that would be a common compliment among your followers. You never know where things will lead. Persistence. In one of my classes today we talked about how when trying to reach a goal, don’t focus on the goal, focus of behavior, not the endpoint, what is it that I can do today, tomorrow, this week. And it seems like this applies well to you, this blog, it is just happening, the goal is safely out of focus. You get up and just do.

    1. Wow. I’ve never been floored quite like this. Your point is valid. I never had true goals other than to share through experience. It’s worked out well, and I am glad you pointed that out to me. Thank you for this. It made my day.

      1. Keep doing what you are doing. Take breaks, give yourself credit and be open and honest. You are setting a wonderful example.

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