What’s Next for The Bipolar Writer?

I keep thinking of ways to explore and expand my blog. I am writing an interview feature this week, but I wonder what is next? My memoir is getting so close to completion, and that is great. I have been thinking a lot about some new collaboration or adding something new. I thought about a mental health podcast. I am not great at public speaking by any stretch of the imagination, but I would like to try something or collaborate with someone.

So, I wanted to ask my fellow bloggers what they think is next for The Bipolar Writer?

On a separate note, I am interested if there are any subjects that my followers would like me to write about for Mental Health Awareness Month? I am working on a piece on another blog this week, but I want to touch on relevant topics— leave your comments and let me know!

You can also email me: JamesEdgarSkye22@gmail.com

I will be writing a new blog post that goes live at 1:30 pm Pacific Time about what I learned in my recent depression cycle.


Writing Mental Health Interview Features on ​my Blog

The Bipolar Writer Needs a Logo


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8 Replies to “What’s Next for The Bipolar Writer?”

  1. I have very little experience with medications. I’m curious what common ones are, how they help, which conditions -even a generalized description. Maybe one of your contributing writers or a psychiatrist could fence that one, since I know you’ve already touched a bit on your own.

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    1. Mine aren’t that great either but I figure a podcast could mean not being in front of a camera like a YouTube video. I’d like to collaborate with like minded people in the future.

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      1. I think a podcast would be great! Maybe monthly you could come up with a topic and talk to someone about it and post it. It would also be a great way to work in the direction of talking to people if you wanted to eventually speak publicly.

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  2. Hello, maybe you can talk more about the stigma on mental illness and why is it important to be educated about it, and also why some people should not commit suicide. I also think psychiatrists, well from my experience, usually increase the dosage of medications to their patients or give them more meds as if they are trying to drug them out. There are so many bad side effects on antidepressants. I think all of this medicine the doctors are giving us has to do with the pharmaceutical industry. They just want to have a big amount of money.

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