An Introduction

Don’t you just hate when you join a new club or group of people and some smart-ass has the bright idea that we should ‘go around the circle, introduce ourselves and provide an interesting fact about yourself?’ I remember my first day of secondary school and my ‘interesting fact’ was that I collected train tickets. Want to establish yourself as a complete oddball on day one? Just ask me, I’ve got it in the bag. They’re lucky I didn’t tell them about the plastic frog collection that I kept in an old Skittles box, still with the best before date of Jun ‘01 stamped on the side.

But introduce myself I shall, for I feel it is good manners and, let’s be honest, humans are notoriously curious. I may even give you more one fact, depending on how generous I’m feeling. My name is Lol and you can call me Lol. I am the slave of a toddler tyrant by day and a poor writer by night, who looks forward to editing during daylight hours with relentless enthusiasm. I don’t collect train tickets anymore (or plastic frogs) but I am fond of a good notebook and any Dumbo merchandise. I love me a Dumbo.

Mental illness has been a part of my life for over ten years. In fact I think I’ve spent over half of my life with some sort of mental health issue cropping up from time to time. I can still remember the days (and they really weren’t that long ago) when admitting to or even talking about mental health was something that was looked down upon and I am so, so glad that times are changing, more people are talking and I am able to help push the world forward just a tiny bit through this blog. I am honoured to be a contributor and look forward to reading others’ work and engaging with you all.

I have a personal blog over here ( and I am also on Twitter (@loladeelay) so feel free to come and chat or just be nosey! I’ve been working on my first contributor post but, as previously stated, I am a poor writer of an evening and will need to do some heavy editing when I’m next properly awake.

Thank you for reading and see you about the blog soon!

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash


10 Replies to “An Introduction”

  1. I always hated that “ go around he room” stuff too! I being very shy felt funny plus it only belongs in grade school, when my high school English teacher did it I was like, um no.

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