Tears of Stigma—Listen to Our Cries

Cancer they empathize,

but don’t hear my cries.

Heart disease they empathize,

but won’t see my cries.

Diabetes they empathize.

but hide from my cries.

Even the flu they empathize,

but are afraid of my cries.

 Mental illness cries

they do not empathize.

Instead we’re blamed, biased and shamed

for having an illness we did not cause.

Mental illness survivors deserve much applause.

Accept, understand, and sympathize,

show respect, support, love and empathize.

Please listen and hear our mental illness cries,

so stigma will end and we can overcome, conquer and rise.

~written by Susan Walz

Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | myloudbipolarwhispers.com | All Rights Reserved


14 Replies to “Tears of Stigma—Listen to Our Cries”

  1. That was a great poem! I do think mental illness receives the least amount of helpful respect. When I got sick (cancer), the people in my life treated me like I had the plague.

    1. I am sorry you have cancer and I am extremely sorry your family treated you like that. I had no idea people treated people who have cancer that way. My family and people around me shower people who have cancer with gifts and words of constant praise for the strength and courage and they bring them casseroles and help with their children when needed but this never happened with my illness. Thank you for making me away that it happens with cancer as well. I didn’t know. I greatly appreciate your insight. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Hugs, Sue

      1. My family did care and helped some. Especially my sister… It was more on the “friends” side of the coin… I was amazed at all of it. Even got fired from my job… You would think in America or any other free country of the world that wouldn’t be something to get fired for… I was amazed at how smoothly they did it.

        I’m sorry it has been so hard. Mental problems are a hard road to be forced to walk down alone. 🙁

        I know my own issues it helps me (Like yourself) to write here… But so hard to deal with the physical aspect of the family not caring… Friends ignoring 🙁 I’m sorry

      2. I am happy your family was supportive. I am very sorry your friends were not. I am sorry you got fired from your job. I didn’t think that would happen with cancer. I didn’t realize people were that insensitive and cruel. I just thought it was mental illness due to the stigma. So sorry your place of employment treated you like that. Yes lack of support made my battle more difficult that is for sure. My faith and God kept me going and saved my life. I hope you are doing well now. Much love and hugs, Sue

    1. You are never alone. You are loved and many people have experienced similar experiences as you and many people have the same illness as you etc. I am happy my poem may have helped you in some way. Hugs, Sue

  2. There’s this stigma of mental illness, because people lacked understanding over the illnesses, and, we’re prone to fear what we’re, unfamiliar with, and we can only hope, that education on these subjects, can better the understandings of these mental illnesses, and hopefully, people who are diagnosed won’t get stigmatized as much in the future.

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