I Left My Anxiety in the Dust—a Poem

My brain matter

does often scatter

throughout my brain

unable to drain

unnecessary clutter

that makes me shutter.

My body trembles from my head to my toes

filling me with painful unsettling woes.

This is anxiety at its finest and worst

causing me to feel like I will soon burst.

My combustible self becomes frozen within,

unable to move, immobilized and unable to begin.

Need to take smaller steps inside the winding staircase of my mind.

Look inside to see what I will find. Too much pain and sorrow to unwind.

Must be patient with myself and wait.

Tomorrow my brain will have a new fate.

Today, the morning dew

made my brain feel like new.

Left my painful anxiety in the dust.

Brain returned uncluttered and robust.

It’s been a wonderful anxiety free kind of day.

My brain, body and I rather like it this way.

~written by Susan Walz

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  ~Lao Tzu

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14 Replies to “I Left My Anxiety in the Dust—a Poem”

    1. Thank you. I am happy you liked it. My anxiety really hit me that day and during my inability to do anything else… I wrote out my pain and turned it into a poem. Thanks for the read and your encouraging feedback. Hugs, Sue

  1. Incredible, great in detail and you captured emotion to so well. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and while I do take medication, when my anxiety hits hard, there’s no miracle pill on Earth that can help. Thank you for being so vulnerable! 🙏🏽💛

  2. That poem was very well written. An excellent description of the days anxiety takes over. Thank you for sharing it (((hugs)))

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