Two Spots Left

I have two spots left on my roster on my contributor blogger list for The Bipolar Writer blog. If you are interested please email me @ If enough people are interested I will expand to twenty-five (with a total of seven spots.)

I am also looking for guest bloggers. If you would like to guest blog use the email above to inquire.

As I have mentioned before, I am finishing my final week of my degree. I want to restart the interview feature series. So if you are interested in being interviewed on my blog please email me. I am thinking one of my summer projects will be to create a book for the series although I have to figure out the logistics of such an endeavor.

I wanted to say have a great rest of the week.


Photo Credit: unsplash-logonicolas leclercq


6 Replies to “Two Spots Left”

  1. Hello James. I would love to be part of your interview features series if you would want to include my story. I have shared a lot of my story but I would love to see how beautiful you could write my story. I’m also writing my Memoir. Should be ready for print in the Fall. I would love to see how you would transform my story with your incredible wisdome and writing skills and talent. I would be flattered to have you share my story and see how my story transpired under your pen, so to speak. If you would like to interview me and share my story on your blog please just let me know. I think you have my email information. Keep on keepin’ on and have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Hugs, Sue


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