the biggest lie

your eating disorder will ever tell you

is that you’re

almost there

that there is a set point for your happiness,

which you will reach once you just

lose that three pounds


drop another two sizes


run an extra mile

and it distorts the truth so seductively,

so believably,

that you listen

and push your beautiful body

to limits it should never be forced to face

for the sake of obedience

and the hope of being 


as every day you lose more and more

not only of your skin

but of yourself

in a neverending search for satisfaction

that the voices will mask as





the answer to all your problems

yet when you look in the mirror

you see only inadequacy

for no reason except that

you are lost in a struggle

to be better and better

until you are

the best

and anything below that is 


and ultimately


even though

you are straining toward an unattainable goal

and the


is that

you are never more powerful

than when you choose to argue back

and simply say 


that you will not give in,

and that the mirror’s image shows

someone flawed,



who is




and a


and the hardest part

ultimately becomes the easiest

when you simply

stop listening

to all the lies you have been fed

in place of the sustenance your flesh has longed for

and whisper to your beaten down reflection

the revelation you have been rejecting all along–

that you have always



22 Replies to “Enough”

  1. This brought me to tears, it’s absolute heaven to the eyes of an anorexic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  2. I’m not one for poetry. But, this was beautiful. I don’t have an eating disorder but my reflection doesn’t always agree with what my mind says about my body. Great post!!

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    1. thank you so much! i’m so happy that you were happy to relate and receive something from this piece, even if your circumstances are different. i think we all struggle with body image, and must choose to believe we are lovely–i hope so much that you do 🙂 xx

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  3. I was just asked this question by my dietician…when will you be enough? after we we were discussing the content you included in your post. It is so hard to to get there and reading this brings me to tears.

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    1. i’m so glad you were able to raise a discussion based off of this post! i understand exactly what you’re going through, and to know that this is helping to fuel your recovery means so much to me. i hope you remember that you ARE enough, and always will be! ❤ xx

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  4. Sounds like you’re actively coping with that distorted image of how your body looks, and it’s a good thing, because, realizing our tendencies is the first step to changing our behaviors, to healing our bodies and minds too…

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