I’ve fallen back into depression, now what?

If being in group therapy has taught me anything…it’s a million and one ways to try to avoid a relapse into depression.

That’s all good and well, but life happens. I still battle with depression. Now don’t get me wrong, all of my preventative hard work wasn’t in vain…it helps. Sometimes life just happens and I still get depressed.

So I find myself in a serious rut of depression… the kind that turns me into that person who rarely leaves their bed or goes near a shower. A person who’s eyes squint if I step outside, because they aren’t used to the light.

Most of those tips that helped me avoid this place, won’t help me out of here. If one more person tells me to “Get some exercise!”, while I can’t even get out of bed…I might throw I brick at them…if only I wasn’t too tired to locate a brick. What now?

Gratitude and Paying it Forward. These are my saving graces. They help me stop replaying all my negative thoughts in my head and start thinking of others. Let me explain a little.

Gratitude. When I find myself griping to myself about everything going wrong in my life, I try to turn it around. For instance, “My kids never pick up after themselves!” turns into “But that means I am lucky enough to have children”. Or “My electric bill is so high this month!” turns into, “But that is because of my AC and man, am I grateful for AC during these Georgia summers!” You get the idea.

Paying it forward. This one usually involves me going out of the house, which is hard when you’re depressed. So I do the bare minimum. Put my gross hair in a ponytail, make sure I’m wearing some sort of pants, then I’m out. My favorite thing to do is to go through the drive-thru at a coffee joint. Then I pay for the next persons drink, and go home. This is great for many reasons. 1) It makes me feel good 2) It makes them feel good 3) I got out of the house 4) I didn’t have to take a shower 5) Now I have coffee

These are just the things that help me personally start to dig my way out of a pit of depression. What do you do?


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20 Replies to “I’ve fallen back into depression, now what?”

  1. I loved the simplicity of this. Found it relatable, inspiring and motivating – nice manageable behaviour changes for when we’re stuck. Thank you for this! Xx

    1. Thank you Lauren! I need simple stuff like this. Telling me to go to the gym or go do one of my hobbies isn’t helpful when things are that bad. I need baby steps 🙂

  2. “…make sure I’m wearing some sort of pants…”

    Who needs pants? It’s “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” not “no pants, no service.” Come on now.

  3. I love the pay it forward idea! I still remember when I was hospitalized last year and did all these group workshops on coping mechanisms and I was always on the verge of crying because all I could think was “yeah, these are all great ideas, but how the hell do I actually get out of bed to do them?” I completely relate to that sloth like mentality you must be feeling, but bravo for getting out!!!!

    1. I know what you mean with the frustration. I was hospitalized a few times and then did an outpatient program for three months. They kept repeating ways to avoid depression but never how to pull yourself out when you get there. I don’t know if they are just trying not to be Debbie Downers by saying “There’s a chance this will happen again” or what. I found I just had to flat out ask and do research myself (Which I’m still working on)

  4. Nice post Brooke, what I do is let it run its course for a little while then I kick myself in the ass and get up and start doing things weather I want to or not, witch can be a real bitch when you feel like you haven’t sleep in days and have no energy. ❤️✌️


      1. Thank you dear, well I’ve been dealing with depression for 20+ years so my motivation is worked on. You’ll get there dear gust keep pushing your self forward. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

  5. Great idea. Simple, effective and I like the idea of focusing on making someone elses’ day go better, rather than trying to perk yourself up. You’ve inspired me to try something similar! xx

  6. What great ideas! My family gives me coffee gift cards and I only drink tea so I rarely go there. When I do it is usually to get out of the house like you describe. Now I have an additional reason to go! Thanks

  7. One book that helped me get my thoughts straight was ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy. I learned to look forward to good things. Other self-help books may help. However, what helped me the most in my sad times was moving houses and leaving toxic people behind. I hope you can find permanent ways to stand better on your own feet.

  8. Hello! I found this blogpost very helpful and I am currently experiencing a relapse of Depression. Would you be okay if I reference your blog into one of my blog posts on the description of my journey to helping myself?

    Thank you again, you are an excellent writer and this blog always helps me.

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