A Challenge

Her words, her weapon

Thrown like daggers

A ruthless flame thrower

Juggling with deceipt

Night walker

Shit talker

Roping you in

Full of sin

Battling her mind she’ll not win

Without potion a spell is cast

Don’t bring up her past

Unstable yet capable,

proving you wrong

Bulletproof and strong

Strength pumps through her veins


A survivor, born naturally

Fighting the fight

A warrior ready for battle

Using words, you’ll rattle

Self-inflicted pain

Reduced at her core

Level the score

Once more


9 Replies to “A Challenge”

  1. We must, look into our pasts bravely, to find out what went wrong, then, work through everything, every emotion, every betrayal, in order to, finally overcome our pasts…

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    1. I agree. We should look into our own past, not that of others.


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