When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging Anymore

This is an important piece I wrote a while back and I thought that I could reshare it today. Depression has been my longest battle but I have learned to understand my depression to a point that I understand it more now. My cycles are not as long as they used to be, it is possible to fight depression.

Depression— It Makes You Want to Quit. DON’T

Lately, I have seen many of my fellow bloggers in the mental illness community think about giving up their blog. You are not alone in this, even the best writers feel overwhelmed at the best of times. Mental illness can make blogging seem impossible at times. When mental illness slows you down, it may feel as if writing is impossible. It can feel as if you are standing alone in this world— this mental illness life.

We have all been there at one time or another.

I know the feeling because there have been times in the last couple of weeks where I have thought about giving up my blog. I have never had the level of success on my blog that I have received since starting The Bipolar Writer blog back in September.

I knew going into this that my content will always be moving forward, but I can admit April was perhaps my worst month since starting this blog. I didn’t write nearly as much original content that I wanted. At one point I thought that I had run out of real ideas, and I think that is where many of my fellow bloggers are at in their journey.

Many of us, especially those whose lives revolve around their mental illness, can find it hard to do the day-to-day upkeep of a blog. I thought at the start of the year that I would write posts daily, and that worked for the first month or two. Then I hit my first rough patch of depression in March. I got better, but then again in April I found myself in the clutches of my depression.


I thought about giving up. I mean I had said so much over the past six months I could walk away. I realized I was giving into the depression. Giving into the stigma that we all fight on a daily basis. I thought about focusing on my memoir and letting go of all I have worked on with this blog.

Then I realized that if I quit— my depression and familiar companion— would win. I never want depression to win.

Writing my blog is the most therapeutic thing I have done in this life. I wouldn’t be able to help people by sharing my daily struggles with being Bipolar. I would never again share the stories of my fellow mental illness bloggers which always makes me happy when I complete an interview feature blog post. I would lose the one thing that has been the reason my depression cycles don’t last weeks or even months. We can’t let depression win out.

The mental illness blogging community needs writers sharing their stories and their journey. If you are feeling like giving up, then just walk away for a few days. I did, and it helped. If it means writing one or two blogs a week do that so that you find some rhythm. We have to keep fighting together because no one else will end the stigma that surrounds mental illness. I promise you it will be worth it, let’s fight this feeling.


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91 Replies to “When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging Anymore”

  1. ” If you are feeling like giving up, then just walk away for a few days.” Very important!

    Taking a break, re-grouping, and even considering some changes, no matter how minor, can be super helpful. Sometimes, all you need for a little bit of inspiration is going to a coffee shop to write, instead of your room. Sometimes, it’s taking a month off from writing.

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