The Next Leap

Being a part of a mental health movement makes me proud. If you know any of my stories you know I am not full of pride. What mental health movement? The one you experience reading The Bipolar Writer. We are a part of something bigger. We are here to stay and we are going to teach along the way.

But …

There is also a bigger problem.
How can we teach and not preach?

How can we educate when not everyone wants to be taught?

How can we communicate?

We write most of our symptoms, what can sound like complaining when in reality we are expressing ourselves. We say what it is we do not want to hear but what about what we do want to hear? What are the “normals” allowed to say to us that we are ok hearing? You hear me?

Think about it

What is it that we want to be told?

Communication is s two-way street. It is easy to spout off what we don’t want but that’s when it sounds aggressive and talking about our diagnosis can be misconstrued as whining. There has to be an approach where we meet in the middle. This discussion must be had for a stop to the stigma. So I ask you,

What is it you want to hear when you are experiencing an “episode” or if you are feeling depressed, manic or paranoid? Let’s communicate what is ok to say and encourage the conversation to merge confusion and understanding. I believe it would be a great leap towards eliminating the stigma. It would most definitely be a beneficial conversation.

I’ve posed this question on my personal site and the response was good but I believe this should be asked of a larger audience. It is an important question. If you are a normal reading this, what questions could we answer for you to understand? By no means am I trying to separate us because we are one in the same but the reality is we are separated.

Lets #speakup! and #stopthesilence. Here is your opportunity to be heard once and for all.

Be kind.

Be considerate.

Be proactive.


14 Replies to “The Next Leap”

  1. I love this reflection and you are so right. It is a two way street. Especially the teaching not preaching part can be quite a challeng​​​e. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I like to hear I’m not alone/I’m taken care of/I’m valued/I look pretty when I cry/answers for all my problems delusional or otherwise/there is food/soothing music – not the new age kind – the jazzy kind/rainfall/assurances that this too shall pass and specific examples of other episodes that are long over/silence/I love you…

      1. I think you are pretty even though I don’t know what you look like. 🙂

  3. I agree with you. It is in the sincerity of the gesture. Not the words(but all too many times what is said is offensive and insensitive). It’s hard to explain what doesn’t make sense. ❤It makes me uncomfortable to be told I am pretty but I have been working on that for a few years.

      1. My photo is on my about author page. lol

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