Finally an Update I Will Love- My Memoir

It has been a long process. Seriously. There were so many days where I wanted to quit it all and give up my dreams of sharing my experiences with mental illness through a memoir.

My memoir— The Bipolar Writer, a dream that will become a reality in the coming weeks!

An Update on my Memoir – The Bipolar Writer

I had this goal at the start of writing my memoir. To show the many sides of my various diagnosis’ over the years— Bipolar One, Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety & Insomnia. Just to name the various issues that I cover in my book. It’s finally almost done!

It has been a long, arduous process to edit/proofread my memoir. So many chapters and I wanted to keep them all. I struggled internally with how to structure the memoir. To I tell a chronological story? Well, that would make sense except my story covers the first ten years of my diagnosis. There are points where I remember things, but it is never in order in the way that my story unfolded. So I chose to do something different— at least in my mind. Just tell parts of my story— no particular order.

I am so close to the final draft which has hit many speed bumps along the way. I still need a cover artist (if anyone is interested, please email me @ with some samples and a price.)

Which leads me to self-publishing. I have been reading about different ways to publish my memoir. I can go the digital book route at first and see where that takes me. I can self-publish with a company and sell physical copies of my book, but I am not sure that I have enough money for that quite yet. I have raised a lot from this blog— but not enough. The digital route seems my best chance at getting my first non-fiction work to the general public.

It will be one year in September since starting my memoir. It’s been an amazing journey, but one I am ready to finish.

With that said, I am opening up to all of my followers for the best publishing advice that you have, it would mean the world to me to finally publish The Bipolar Writer.

As always— Always keep fighting (AFK).

James Edgar Skye

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24 Replies to “Finally an Update I Will Love- My Memoir”

      1. Yes! You should be. I’m excited for you! All the ups and downs, the roller coaster of emotions, of events that you’re going through, even the disappointments, will all be worth the final product.

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  1. Online self publishing isn’t too difficult… formatting is a pain, but there are a lot of sites on the internet that can help with that… the big thing about being published though is exposure… same as it is for the major publishers… only they have money and a network… that will honestly be the hardest part of all of this… finding ways to get the word out… just be prepared for that… and know it has nothing to do with your story or your writing… hopefully someone or a lot of someones will find your book… it will take off… and then you can write the next one… either way… be ready to write the next one… because it is all about the stories… best of luck on your journey…


  2. Wishing you all the best in publishing. Maybe one day we will collaborate on a work. ❤

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  3. Reading parts of your memoir, this is going to help, motivate and inspire so many people. Congratulations!
    I hope you have found an editor for your blog by now and I wish you all the best on your future endeavors. I dare to say ‘future’, because I have a feeling you found your purpose. What better reason to keep on going step by step, day by day 😉
    Sending a big hug! XxX

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  4. Congrats.
    Digital route would seem to be best at the moment I’d say if you don’t have quite enough to self publish physically


  5. Why don’t you try to find an agent and do it the old fashioned way first. That is what I am trying to do. I am just now starting that process. I just finished my memoir (done proof reading and editing) as well and am trying to write the best darn query letter I can. This is a difficult process. I need to turn my 66,000 words into the best 300 word letter I ever wrote. I am in the process of writing to agents. I want to try this as much as possilbe. After I have given it my best try then I will have to self-publish, but I am going to try it this way first. It is my dream. I will be praying a lot through this process. I bet your book is good enough. Just an idea. Did you edit your book youself. I paid for Autocrit and it helped me a lot. You are a much better writer than I am though. Best wishes James and congratulations on finishing your memoir. It is quite an acheivement and I am right there with you on wanting to quit and feeling like I would never finish, but we did. Hurray. How many words is your memoir? Mine turned out to be 66,000. I wrote my book by having the middle be the beginning and then telling back story to bring me to today. I am sure your book will be awesome and you will sell many copies. Much love and hugs, Sue

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