Winter Speaks Memories – A J.E. Skye Poem (Depression)

Today I wanted to share a poem that I have reworked recently. It has been featured on The Bipolar Writer a few times, but not in this newly minted edition. It’s origins date back to 2013 or 2014 when I wrote it for a writing class. In my poetry class in 2018, I had the chance to really refocus this piece. It is a depression poem I wrote in the winter time, and it really focuses on the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) winter component to my diagnosis of Bipolar one.

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A Poem by James Edgar Skye

Updated Version of my Poem: 12:15 am

Winter Speaks Memories

Days of winter forever speak
their loss in endless deep.
Wind grips the skin
as if by the hand of the mind—
memories not forgotten.

Empty days pass through
the hourglass of life as winter offers little hope.
Figures never stay—
words fall like snow around me but never penetrate.
My soul’s skin stretched much too thin
like the sleepless nights that seem
to never end.

Endless is the avalanche
of depression— burying me in darkness.
But, as sunlight breaks the clouds
It touches my skin. The snow melts away the pain.
And new memories begin to grip
My mind.
Faded memories of sunlight,
not so dark.alexander-popov-367071-unsplash.jpg

The days of winter forget to speak,
About the days away from endless deep.

By James Edgar Skye

Always Keep Writing

Photo Credit:

Ilya Orehov

Alexander Popov

10 Replies to “Winter Speaks Memories – A J.E. Skye Poem (Depression)”

  1. Really loved this post!!! Very inspirational and filled with imagery!! Especially loved your line “Words fall like snow around me”!!! Your words really inspired me!! I ended up writing “Word Snowflakes” I will be posting this on my site in a few days! Thanks for sharing such a great post and the seed of inspiration!!!! Bravo, James, Bravo!!!

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