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She can’t take much more.

Finding herself on the floor.

She fights with life.

Angry and mistreated,


Liquor brings reprieve.

Herself she deceive.

Addicted without boundaries

she’s left gasping.

Loss of control

the poison takes its toll.


Pleading with herself

to get straight.

Not much longer can she wait.

Brittle and bruised,

a childhood emotionally abused.

Flashbacks and nightmares consume her nights.

Rarely she turn of the lights.

Drowning her pain

and nothing to gain.

A must to maintain.


A morbid solution for it to end.

With only her thoughts

by her side,

she can no longer hide.

As she set aside her pride,

reality and her collide.

She is no more a contender

in this battle she fight.

Surrendering her flag of white.


Switching off the light.

If you find you are struggling with drugs and/or alcohol please surrender. It will not be easy but you are worth it. Don’t waste your energy fighting a losing battle, use it living life.

21 Replies to “Defeated”

  1. Almost all the time, we will find outlets for the various sorts of abuse and neglect we’d experienced as young children to come out, because we have no idea of how to cope with what happened.

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    1. I agree. I never developed emotionally because I began using at such a young age to cope with the pain of emotional torment. I am growing since sobriety but it is challenging at 40 to have the emotions of a teenage girl. Yikes! Some days are terribly rough.


  2. Thank you for this. To find empathy in such a way is magical.
    I have been releasing an addiction of my own. I finally realized it was time to create a new normal for myself, to regain control of my life. Im a few weeks clean, myself, and I feel more alive than ever.
    Thanks for this ❤

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    1. Congrats on your sobriety. I have 3 years and 4 months. You will have challenging days but none as difficult as the ones you had while in active addiction. Thanks for reading.


    1. Thank you. Life as an alcoholic is a daily struggle. Less now that I am sober but nonetheless.

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      1. you welcome i have a few friends that had battle with alcoholism thank goodness they have been sober for a few years now .. its a real struggle but the more we help there encourage them every step of the way is such a blessing ..

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