Music That Changes my Mood Pt. 18

This week I am featuring somewhat of a repeat of a post I have done before on The Bipolar Writer– my obsession with Korean Pop group Girls Generation (I listen to a lot of K-pop, but they are my favorite.) I have been obsessed for years with Korean and Japanese culture, and music really is what gets me through so much in this mental illness life. So here are some of my favorite songs, straight from my K-pop playlist on iTunes music.

An American Obsession With Girls Generation Pt. 2

I Got A Boy

All My Love Is For You

Baby Maybe

Everyday Love

Dancing Queen


Into The New World

One Last Time

Light Up The Sky

Baby Baby

Dear Mom

Well, that is it. I really love to do these music related posts. They’re mostly for me but I do love to share this with my followers.


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