A Sonnet for my Niece

I have been sharing a lot of my poetry over the last few weeks. While the majority of my work is based around my mental illness, my poem today is a special one about my niece. I really loved writing this in my poetry class because my nieces are my world. So I hope you enjoy!

A Sonnet for Rory by J.E. Skye

My four-year-old niece has this darling pink blanket
she can’t live without it, she wears it like a cape.
Draped over her shoulders we hold a banquet.
Then she flies like a superhero in good shape.

At nap time, she asks me to go out and find
this special pink blanket, she can’t sleep without.
If she has it, she’ll fall fast asleep in no time
if I fail my mission, then sleep is in doubt.

She should have outgrown it— she’s four— long ago
it can only stretch from her toes to torso.
But, as kids we have trouble letting things go
why it still makes her shine all aglow? I don’t know.

But I know she is lost without that old pink thing
it has become her own pink blanket bling.

Photo Credit:Bonnie Kittle

17 Replies to “A Sonnet for my Niece”

  1. Very cute and somewhat nostalgic. My youngest stepdaughter had a pink blankie, too. She screamed when we tried to take it to wash it; thus that thing stank. She didn’t outgrow til second grade. We ended up cutting it in pieces so she could take a bit to school with her.

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    1. Kids hang onto things longer than they should, but that is why we love them so much. I never had a favorite blanket but I had other things as a kid I had trouble letting go. Thank you for reading my Sonnet!


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