The Bipolar Writer’s Top 10 Favorites Lists Pt. 1

I have been so serious lately with writing my blog. I have shared my struggles and my love for writing. My fellow mental illness community bloggers have seen the best and worst part of me, and I wanted to share some of the things I love in this world. The things that get me through my worst depression and social anxiety on a daily basis. This will be a new series.

So here is my new lists, The Bipolar Writer’s Top 10 lists.

My Top Ten Book Series (Some are since I was a kid)

  1. Game of Thrones Series
  2. Harry Potter Series
  3. Alex Cross Series
  4. Twilight Series
  5. House of Night Series
  6. Rizzoli and Isles Series
  7. Firelight Series
  8. The Dark Tower Series
  9. Goosebumps Series
  10. Lord of the Rings (and the Hobbit)

My Top Ten Movies

  1. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  2. Les Miserables
  3. Funny Face
  4. Roman Holiday
  5. Ten Commandments
  6. The Dark Knight
  7. A Knights Tale
  8. King Arthur
  9. The Departed
  10. V for Vendetta

My Ten Television Series

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. How I Met Your Mother
  3. Supernatural
  4. Sons of Anarchy
  5. Breaking Bad
  6. The Office
  7. Parks and Recreations
  8. Entourage
  9. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  10. The Original Dragonball Z Series

So there you go. You know a bit more about James Edgar Skye. I like to know your thoughts and if any on my list makes your top ten. I will continue the series at a later time.

Always Keep Fighting

James Edgar Skye

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoMercedes Alvarez

30 Replies to “The Bipolar Writer’s Top 10 Favorites Lists Pt. 1”

  1. I love reading.. I hd already read fw of the book series frm your recommendation. I will definitely go through the other book series.. and Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series n its good to see that in your list


  2. Good choices! Harry Potter is definitely a favorite of mine! Yay for the original DBZ too lol and of course you didn’t forget Lord of the Rings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The scene that always resonates with me is in the beginning when Holly talks about “the mean reds.” I knew from the first moment I watched that move what the meant.


  3. We have a few in common on your books list, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings and the Hobbit, the Alex Cross series and the Rizzoli series and I also loved Goosebumps as a teen 😂 That new Goosebumps book was like gold dust at school ha ha. Thanks for sharing, I may steal your idea and create one of my own!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And how real did they all seem at that age! Like they could totally happen to anybody 😂 A great memory from my childhood I had all but forgotten about!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow! That’s incredible. I know what that’s like. And it isn’t the children, it’s my body that just won’t sleep, can’t get sleep for the life of me.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Very cool, I might have to do something like this on my blog. Looks fun! I love Harry Potter, Twilight, and Goosebumps too. Have you read the Percy Jackson series? You might really like it. I loved it. “The Dark Knight” is my all-time favorite superhero movie. I haven’t watched many of the tv shows you mentioned though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Dark Knight will always be one of my top picks. Health Ledger’s Joker was the best character development I have ever seen. He knew the character inside and out.

      Liked by 1 person

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