Subjects to Discuss in September

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. – Edgar Allan Poe

What to Talk About on The Bipolar Writer Blog

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback in the past when asking the followers of my blog what they would like me to discuss, so I am opening up this once again as we head into September. I love this time of year. Outside of the central coast, the leaves change, and it starts to get colder in September.

It is a crossroads of sorts for me. It is usually the last month before my depression worsens. The regular season in baseball is coming to a close at months end, and there is always the hope of the postseason for my favorite team– the Los Angeles Dodgers.

September is a particularly good month because it marks the one year anniversary since I started this blog (I will be publishing an individual blog post to commemorate this big event.) So, if you have something mental health related, and I have an opinion on that subject, drop a comment down below. Let’s have a fantastic September!

Always Keep Fighting


P.S. I will be opening up four spots for contributor writers in September to bring the total up to 30. If you are interested, please email me @


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16 Replies to “Subjects to Discuss in September”

  1. I suffer from SAD as the cooler months approach as well and I’m already dreading winter and the snow that will eventually come around. I live in Michigan. This is the first year that I have truly loved summer. Normally I’ve always been a Fall girl. But I’m really sad about summer coming to an end. I’m not ready for cooler weather…not at all. I’d love to contribute to your blog. I don’t get paid for a few more days though. I’m so incredibly broke. I’d love to share ways to combat the weather related depression.

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    1. It’s my new thing. I am adding quotes to start my posts. There are so many great Poe quotes and he is my greatest inspiration so I am focusing on using his quotes for now.

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