My Rededication to The Bipolar Writer Blog

There is a time in every blogger’s life where you hit a crossroads in blogging, you either give up or go through a renaissance.

A Renaissance for The Bipolar Writer

I have been going through my own personal renaissance since July here on The Bipolar Writer blog. For a while, I lost my feel for writing new original content. I felt “as if I had said all I had to say.” To be fair, I was busy finishing my bachelor’s degree and editing/proofreading my memoir. My life was working through a lot all at once, and I was coming out of a tough one-month depression cycle. There was time not too long ago I thought I might let this blog go by the wayside. I have done so much here most of it good, but I decided that it would have been a waste.

For a while, I was caught up in the numbers game that often plagues the most seasoned bloggers (or so I have read and been told lately.) The less I put into my blog with my own original content, it seemed the people were less interested in when I did “find the time to write.” I could see the numberjohn-moeses-bauan-690280-unsplash.jpgs dwindling down less and less after the peak that my blog had in March/April. I stopped writing to help people and started only caring about what writing what could get me the most likes. It got to a point where I was obsessive about every detail, and I wasn’t writing new content nearly enough. I lost touch in what was a great thing.

I was fortunate, however, to have some fantastic contributor bloggers connected to The Bipolar Writer blog that has helped bring us back to prominence. What started to drive me again was the content that others were writing. It was terrific to see the many guest bloggers putting themselves out there on my blog trusting that things would work out in the end.

The people that write for my blog made me a believer, and the people started to come back to my blog. I stopped caring about likes and focused on content that would help people. I found myself once again a part of this great thing called The Bipolar Writer blog. I am amazed each day by the level of comments from people just like me, trying to find their place in this mental illness life.

It’s okay to want to connect with people. These last few weeks have even better for me because I am sharing more of my creative side while still finding time to discuss crucial mental health topics. I was lost for a long time, but I happy to say this thing will continue to grow and if we can help people feel a bit less lonely– well then this thing is worth pursuing.rawpixel-675364-unsplash.jpg

There is going to be a lot of new content over the next month and a half. I will be starting a new adventure in October as I continue to build my education by entering my Master’s program. Life can be crazy at times, but I can’t imagine not writing on this blog. This has been my home for almost a year, and I am genuinely honored by every person that has made this blog possible. You give me hope on the days where I feel helpless.

Always Keep Fighting (AKF)


Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to Business

I am looking to expand The Bipolar Writer blog to new territories that include having the blog sell books for other artists (if I can make everything work). I am also looking to sell my own book here on my blog. I hate asking for donations but I have to do what I can.


Photo Credit:

Annie Spratt

John Moeses Bauan


14 Replies to “My Rededication to The Bipolar Writer Blog”

  1. Nice update and thanks for the words of wisdom 🙂 Good luck on your Master’s work!!! I did one too and it was some of the most awesome time of my life, so enjoy!!!!!!

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  2. I believe we all like to be acknowledge on some level. That is really ok. But I am so glad you remember it is not the amount of likes, that is important. If I understood correct, if one is not a WP or Blogger member, they can’t even hit the like button. So these days I focus on the views. Your website is very helpful. For people with mental health issues, for people with loved ones who have mental health issues. (By the way, I use the word issue, hope it is not offensive. But to me mental health doesn’t define a person. ) And for therapists, coaches, etc.


  3. I’m familiar with this phase, fortunately I was able to overcome it and emerge stronger. It is like a test. Always good to know others understand.

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  4. I 2 feel that way sometimes but I have much faith that I will never have ‘writers block’ again. I had it bad and I still go through this phase where I question will people even appreciate what I write and I don’t wanna post anything for fear of that

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  5. I love your honesty here! It is hard to admit sometimes that you get caught up in the whole subscribers/likes/comments obsession and lose your initial passion for writing and sharing your thoughts in the first place. I too have found myself in similar spots, but luckily, the passion for writing and wanting to share my story always comes back.

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