Mental Health Free Resources

Free Mental Health Resources

The Bipolar CollectionbyBIpolar Survivor Valkyriekerry KellyI was approached by a writer to add this free Bipolar resource on The Bipolar Writer blog.

* I appologize for not putting the right the last time this post went live. Everything is right, please enjoy the free resource.


Here is an email that she sent me:

Valkyriekerry Kelly Ph.D. MA BSc and Bipolar Survivor

Dear James,

I have been following your blog and would like to donate a free resource to your site.

I am a writer in Ireland raising national and international awareness of mood disorders. Part of my support is to offer sites free books. Please find attached a free ebook for your website. I hope that you can publish and share this as it took many years for me to overcome the stigma and share my writing the most important thing for me now is to inspire others. I have enclosed an anthology containing the advice-filled ‘Bipolar Blog,’ Meditations’ a selection of relaxation stimuli and a gritty collection of poetry that reflects years of mood swings making allowing readers to empathize with the condition.

I sincerely hope that you will publish this collection as I have received great feedback.


You can find the resource here, it is a PDF file: freebipolarcollection

Always Keep Fighting (AKF)


Photo Credit: Janet Orzechowski

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