Love Yourself First – The AKF Campaign

If you have been following my blog I always end with this– Always Keep Fighting.

I, of course, did not come up with that saying, I borrowed it from Jared Padalecki and his AKF campaign. Padalecki has always been an inspiration to me because he has found a way to live with his mental illness and still be productive. At the same time he is open about sharing his experience. It was the AKF campaign that made it possible for me to share my own story.

This video is one of the amazing things that Jared Padalecki does for the mental illness community.

You can find the Always Keep Fighting campaign here:

Always Keep Fighting


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15 Replies to “Love Yourself First – The AKF Campaign”

  1. I love that – Always Keep Fighting. I’ve had people ask me how I do it, how do I keep it together. Well, you don’t know the fight you’ve got in you until it’s the only thing to do … Always Keep Fighting is it! 😊🙏🏽

  2. AKF- lol this is the only way to survive with a severe and long-term mental illness. I find you need to approach issues very practically minded- is this important or not, will it affect me or not. I tend to be very quick to block out the BS.

  3. Best thing about mental illness is that it opens a whole new world of possibilities and infinite potential where a person is willing to take risks to achieve a goal , because for us death keeps lurking in the vicinity , and death we don’t give two shits about it. 😀

  4. He’s a good guy ❤❤❤ and this incredible fandom is another reason to love supernatural,it genuinely helped me and my friend.. thanks for sharing 😊

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