Heaven Knows I Meant Well


Heaven Knows I meant Well:

By: Francesca Seopa

Heaven knows i meant well
My fiction was less of a fairy-tale for me to sell
Heaven truly knows i meant well
My truth sounded more like a lie to sell

The love of life and self
The sight of a pair of doves stricken by strife
Freedom placed on a shelf

Psalms in my palms
Driven by the muscle if proverb in my arms
The sin of genesis in my genes
Followed by the scenes of slavery
Led by the kings of Samuel in chivalry

Meer mortals trapped in paradise
Promised of a portal to their current destination
A fear of kindness
The trauma of happiness

Heaven knows i meant well
My story was just a bit hard to tell
A dive into the devils devotion
Delving in the promotions of hell

Seeking sincerity in sober thought is a path that leads me down the route of anxiety

Sympathy in sins sedated seduction
A dance with the devil
A blink from heaven
A gamble in hope of a lucky seven

Love is what i seek
Trust is what i speak
Honesty is what i feel society leaks

Heaven knows i meant well
My reality seemed more like a far fetched fiction
Traumatized by the inability to distinguish between friend and foe
Lost and in doubt
Depressed and devastated
Heaven knows i meant well.

Thank you for being with me. I look forward to seeing you here again. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.




3 Replies to “Heaven Knows I Meant Well”

  1. “Seeking sincerity in sober thought is a path that leads me down the route of anxiety” May your sincerity attract so much love there is no time for anxiety! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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