House Cleaning on The Bipolar Writer Blog (Collaborators Only Post)

I hope this reaches all the collaborators on The Bipolar Writer blog.

I will be doing some house cleaning this week when it comes to collaborative writers. If you are the new collaborator or have at least one post here on The Bipolar Writer blog over in the following months (July-September), then you have no worries.

I am nearing the start of my first semester of my master’s program, and I have been letting my fellow collaborators write when they feel like they need to, even with a requirement of at least two posts a month. I have collaborators that want to join up, but there is just no more room. I have to start tightening the ship.

So the following will happen by September 29th, 2018:

  1. All collaborators that have not contacted me or posted a blog post since the first of July will get cut from the roster.
  2. If you contact me and let me know the situation (which some have you will stay on as a collaborator), then I will keep you.
  3. All work will be reverted back to the original owner.

I would like to keep all my collaborators, but if you are not posting, I can’t keep you. This is an always evolving blog, and it needs continual collaboration to stay afloat.  If you are a collaborator and feel you still have something to add to the narrative than please let me know.

Lastly, I am looking for a part-time editor on The Bipolar Writer blog. I will have less time in the next two years as I continue my writing projects, school, and work. The position is not a paid one, but I need someone who can schedule posts and edit when needed.


Always Keep Fighting (AKF)

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10 Replies to “House Cleaning on The Bipolar Writer Blog (Collaborators Only Post)”

  1. Hey James – I apologize that I’m not always updating posts. I’d like to stay on if possible; I feel that this is an important blog with a lot to say, and I’d still like to be a part of it. I’ve been in weird places over the past few months, but I’ll try to get more posts to you soon, if you’re still willing.


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    1. Thank you for contacting me. I understand the struggle all to well. You contacted me and let me know what is going on so we are good. I believe you have a lot to say as well. Looking forward to future posts.

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  2. I haven’t been well. If you wish to take me off your list, that will be fine. Thanks for letting me post while I could. One of these days I might be through with surgeries and over the mental slump.

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  3. Hi James, I am new to this blogging experience. What do you mean when you say collaboration? What are you looking for? What are the requirements, other than at least two contributions per month? And what types of contributions?
    Very interested, N9th

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