Share Your Story – A Mental Health Safe Place Pt. 2


The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog is what I consider a safe place for those who are suffering from mental illness. A place where each of us can tell their stories. It could be as a collaborator, a guest blogger under your name, or an anonymous guest post.

I want The Bipolar Writer Blog to be a mental health place where people can feel free to share their stories. So here is what I will be offering.

  • Anonymous Guest Blog spots
  • Guest blog spots for regular bloggers
  • Interview Features that I write
  • Becoming a collaborative blogger on The Bipolar Writer blog.

This will be a safe place for all those that have mental illness.

All inquiries email me @

Always Keep Fighting (AKF)


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4 Replies to “Share Your Story – A Mental Health Safe Place Pt. 2”

  1. It’s good to write, express thoughts, exorcise ghosts but sometimes people I know who read my work tell me it’s hardly uplifting stuff. I get that, but I can only say what’s in my mind and I don’t want to be pressured into writing upbeat material when I’m not feeling upbeat. I wonder what other writers feel about this?

  2. Personally I write for me. I write what i want when I helps me process the thoughts in my head. My blog is mine – if people like it, great. If it resonated with them that’s awesome. If I helped even one person understand or one person to not feel alone…I will be happy. I’m realising though, some people don’t want to See the truth. They want to feel good but you need to do what makes you feel good, or better at least. Keep at it x

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