We Are Not Ordinary People


I don’t think here on The Bipolar Writer collaborative blog I have said this enough–

The mental illness community is full of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

The willingness to share your story is the hardest thing in this mental illness journey. I spend as much of my day reading as many articles here on WordPress related to mental health and mental illness, and it never ceases to amaze me how people are so open to writing. It was always a struggle before I started this blog.

We are not ordinary people.

For me, it started with getting to therapy and opening up to a single person that I could trust. It took almost a year before I found myself really opening up to my therapist, you can read more here.  I was looking for inspiration today, and it was all of my fellow bloggers that brought me back from another depression cycle.

Thank you. I often get lost in my own writing and depression and forget there are so many amazing writers out there sharing their own story. Keep fighting my friends.

Always Keep Fighting


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Reed Pearson

Vincent Guth

26 Replies to “We Are Not Ordinary People”

  1. I intend to keep fighting and gaining strength pushing past doubts and fears. You are so right we are not ordinary people

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  2. Nice post James, I’ve never had the money for therapy just people on the net with similar problems as me, that’s been my therapy for the past 6 year’s.


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    1. Wish I was rich, I’d help people who can’t afford mental health care. I’d also help homeless mentally ill people – which is A LOT of the homeless 😦

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  3. You are such an inspiration ❤ I’m so happy with the mental health community here online. We are all unique. I agree with you just said. I also think that the people who struggle the most are the most beautiful and open hearted people. They know suffering and therefore are compassionate and caring

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