A Mental Health Resource – Poetry by Cass

I was asked by a fellow mental health blogger a writer if I would share her newly published collection of poetry entitled Rooted. It is always the point of this blog to celebrate other bloggers and writers within the mental illness community so that the real people in the community are highlighted. Here is the information on Cass’ work.

Rooted by Cass

Hi everyone! My name is Cass and I’m a Canadian blogger, and newly published author! My collection of poems, titled Rooted, has just released and I’d like to share some of my words with you.

Rooted has a strong focus on love and heartbreak, self-love, self-improvement, and mental illness.

Mental illness is something that will affect everyone in some way at least once in our lives, whether it be yourself or a family member that’s suffering.

I use poetry as an outlet; that’s how this collection started. I would just write down the words that came to me, especially on my down days, and it became a collection I can share with others.

I hope my words reach you in some way, and can maybe give you the guidance you need or the reassurance that with whatever demons you are battling, you are not alone.

The poem below is the first in my collection, inspiring the collection title. Willow trees are a big part of this book and my writing. They represent strength and the ability to stand through challenges, and I wish to be the same, so they’ve become a big symbol for me.

You can visit my blog here: www.turningpages00.wordpress.com

And order my debut collection here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1732464324/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539863672&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=cassandra+chaput&dpPl=1&dpID=41e0yxddswL&ref=plSrch

Rooted cover


I am rooted.

A tree standing tall, resilient in the harsh, blowing winds.

Strong I stand.

I feel the storm arrive.

The clouds surround the sun, suffocating its light, allowing for dark days.

There are days when the ghosts whisper in my ears, making me question all that I know.

There are days when the clouds cry, making the ground muddy from their tears.

I walk, and feel stuck.

Unable to move

My feet are slowly sinking into the earth

I feel like crying with the clouds.

But I’m too strong for that.

The winds are powerful, and I feel like anything could knock me over.

I’m not the best with balance, but I’m getting there.

14 Replies to “A Mental Health Resource – Poetry by Cass”

  1. Thanks, James for promoting, encouraging and featuring others in the Mental Illness community. I love this poem and can so relate to it. I am definitely going to check out Cass’ other work as well as continuing to follow you!

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      1. Yes, I feel the same way. I promote both physical and mental health because they both affect me but my heart is with mental health – I guess because it gets a bad rap.

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  2. Hi Cass! Tell Canada I love them and miss them and I’ll come back again one day.
    And yes, you did reach me. And I do feel not alone.
    Thank you.

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