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I wanted to make a shoutout to the contributors on The Bipolar Writer on the continued success we have had on this blog. I was thinking of starting something new.

I wanted to start an author bio section page for the blog. An introduction to each author, where you can share with the readers of this blog a little about yourself and your mental health journey. It would be great to show the readers who you are beyond the writing. If you are contributor and would like to add your bio (and a picture of you like) to this new page let me know!

On the other side, I am still looking to expand my blog with more contrubitors, so if you would like to join please email me @

Always Keep Fighting


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5 Replies to “The Bipolar Writer Blog Contributors”

      1. Okay. Thanks for the info. I will try to do that ASAP, but I may not get it done until next week week sometime. Did you say you wanted a picture as well? Just a picture of myself or could it have my children in it as well? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Have a super fabulous day. Be well, Sue

  1. Hey James, I think this is a great idea! (But I have the same questions as in these above comments as well as some time constraints on me for the next week too)

    1. I am still working on the page. So far two contributor writers have written something. It will take some time to get it together so if you want to write something there is still time. I am looking redo the website soon.

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